July 22, 2013

Cheap and cheerful


You know that anger when you buy the most perfect piece of clothing and you take it home only to find you picked it up in the wrong size? That’s exactly what happened with this dress. I got it when I went to Westfield a month or so ago and fell in love with it, not only because of the actual piece, but also the price – a mere £13. Happy with my purchase I took the train home and hung it in my wardrobe. It wasn’t until now I tried it on and struggled to squeeze into it. I’d bought a size 6. Silly, silly Lucy. It was too late to return it and my Primark never stocked them in the first place anyway, so I decided to keep it and try and squeeze into it to get some wear out of it this summer, because there is no chance I’ll fit in it next year!

I wore this to my Schools Sports presentation evening – it’s an event that happens every summer and is always a lot of fun. People are awarded for different sports, as well as there being an overall year Sports personality and an overall school one too. I play Netball, Football, Basketball and Rounders for school and this year I won Basketball so it was nice to leave with a certificate! After the evening I’m super excited to start Sixth Form at school because they run sports academies. I’m going to be joining the Netball and Football academies which involves free kit, a fitness regime and free physio etc. It’s all very exciting! It will be nice to hopefully ‘up’ my standards in sport and fitness overall!