January 29, 2019

Budget beauty: My verdict on the Primark beauty range

*AD – all beauty items mentioned in this post were bought with a gift card provided by Primark.

I recently took part in an ad with Primark over on my instagram in which I was kindly gifted a bunch of their beauty products. I’ve always preferred to spend my money on clothes than make-up, although I’ve never delved into any brands cheaper than your average high-street lot like Revlon, Rimmel and NYX.

Budget beauty: My verdict on Primark's beauty range | lucy-cole

I guess you could say I was a bit of a snob when it came to make-up. Surely beauty products couldn’t be that cheap, while also performing well and not breaking your face out in hundreds of spots? Well I guess I was wrong…

With my £50 gift card I headed to my local Primark and went a bit crazy in the make-up department. I got pretty much everything you need to create a face of make-up: primer, foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, mascara.. even a setting spray. Since then, I’ve given every product a go and decided I’d give my impressions of each product so far..

The base…

To start with, I used the Matte Primer, worth £3. I’ll be honest, I don’t know a lot about primers but this is of the gel consistency. I squeeze a pea-sized amount out and apply to my t-zone. This feels a lot like my previous primer from NYX.. and for £7.50 cheaper I’d argue it’s the better option. It provided a perfect base for my make-up, and while I have no doubts it’s probably not the best primer in the world, it’s definitely worth it’s bucks. This is a big hit for me!

Following this, I used the Double Matte Foundation. Costing £5, I get the hunch that Primark is trying to copy Estee Lauders Double Wear foundation. I got this in the shade Ivory which is the perfect match for me. The bottle is annoying seeing as it doesn’t come with a pump, but for £5 I suppose you don’t pay for one! I’m honestly so impressed with this foundation – I was sceptical at first but after working it into the skin with a buffer brush it worked a treat. The finish is semi-matte with pretty good coverage, but the most impressive thing for me was the lasting power. For £5, this was still sitting nicely on my skin at the end of the day. Granted, it wasn’t as perfect as it was 8 hours ago, but it was good enough that I didn’t feel the need to touch it up. I can honestly say I’ll be using this again.

For concealer, I picked up the Perfect Colour Concealer in Ivory (90p). This took me back to my high-school days where I swore by a concealer stick. Honestly, it brings back bad memories. Concealer sticks just don’t work for me – they’re waxy, and seem to just cling to the skin in all the wrong ways. This was a miss for me.

The disappointment continues with the Contour and Sculpt Stick (£3). I love using a cream bronzer, so I had high hopes for this product! Unfortunately, it didn’t deliver. Arguably, the shade could have played a part in this for it was far too light on my skin tone to have any real effect. And the sponge at the opposite end of the bronzer? Useless! I don’t want to write this product off entirely, because with a slightly darker shade I feel like it could *possibly* work out.

The eyes…

Onto the eyes, I bought the Amber Passion Palette for £5.. a total dupe of Huda Beauty with a mix of orange, brown and golden tones. I was pleasantly surprised by this palette. As you’d expect the shadows aren’t the best quality and are a little bit powdery, but they do the job. In fact, the colours aren’t massively different to those I created with my Huda Beauty palette. For £5 this is a handy palette to have for travelling, or perfect for people who want to give eyeshadow a try.

I had a bit of a why-not moment and decided to pick up a Kohl Eye Pencil for £1 in a beautiful aqua blue shade – I figured for £1 it’s worth a try. I used this in my waterline and under my eye to compliment the orange and golds in my look. Not to toot my own trumpet (I’m definitely tooting my own trumpet), but I love how it turned out. It’s a look I’ll be doing more often and for how cheap the pencils are, I’m keen to give some other colours a try too.

For mascara I chose the Lash Contour Mascara which cost just £2. Not only is the design of this mascara bottle beaut (definitely a strong contender for future flat lays), the product is impressive too. The brush is thin and helps to separate while evenly covering the lashes. While not an incredible lengthener, it does a good job and doesn’t transfer throughout the day.

The finishing touches…

To highlight my cheekbones I used the Baked Highlighter in Mink Pink (£2.50) – a shimmery pink shade. I’d heard great things about Primark’s highlighters but unfortunately, this didn’t impress. It felt chalky and it was hard to get a subtle effect with it.

I picked up three of the Velvet Whip Creme lipsticks (£2.50), a girl can never have enough lippies! In shades Nude, Blush and Red velvet. I love the consistency of these, but although they claim to be semi-matte, I’d argue they were more on the gloss side than the matte. Nonetheless they feel comfortable on the lips – not clinging to any dry patches and apply easily. I found the lasting power to be pretty dcent with these too – I wore the red shade to work and although it could have been reapplied throughout the day to imrpove the appearance, it wasn’t totall neccessary!

Once I’d finished my face I used the Matte Setting spray (£4). This is infused with aloe vera, vitamin b3, kaolin clay and rose water and gives make-up a matte and longer lasting finish. In comparison to my All Nighter setting spray this one feels a lot more ‘wet’ on the face and has a much more vivid scent too. I’d argue it does a good job for it’s price, but isn’t up to Urban Decay’s setting spray standards.

The verdict

Honestly? I’m blown away by the quality of some of these products, especially with the price you pay for them! I genuinely see myself using some of these products again, especially the foundation, mascara and lipsticks, and can see myself heading back into Primark to try some more products.

Have you ever tried Primark beauty?

Lucy x