January 27, 2013





Yesterday I celebrated my good friend Anna’s 16th Birthday with a trip to the cinema to watch Les Mis in the IMAX (I definitely reccomend it, I was singing all the songs all night!) and then going back to hers for pizza, cake, parce the parcel (yes, 15/16 year olds playing parce the parcel – you can never get to old!) and a hilarious game of articulate! With school I find I don’t actually go out that much and therefore never wear nice outfits so I was excited to finally wear this dress I bought a while ago. It’s so great because it’s such a simple casual thing you can chuck on and pair up with anything. It’s not too short however the skirt does tend to get stuck to my tights so I have to be wary of that so I don’t go flashing!! Surprise, surprise my bag and shoes had studs on, probably the only reason I bought them!





I hate my hands so I don’t often wear rings but I was so happy when I found these rings in the Topshop Sale, they come as a set of 4, the last ring being a Pink stone. The ring shapes are all different, one is circular, another more hexagon-y so particularly the grey and pink stone rings won’t stay on which is why I’ve put the blue stone ring with it, to wedge it in place. As you know I worship to Barry M nail varnish (although I did buy an Essie one to try yesterday – shock horror!!) and these colours are Pomegranate no. 235 – this is one of the Gelly Hi Shine bottles, and the sparkle one is Rose Quartz Glitter no. 349.





I got this necklace ages ago and it has been my favourite ever since. I always love Topshop jewellery but rarely buy it because of it’s ridiculous price. Although I had to buy this as it’s just adorable.


So there we go! My first up to date OOTD post! I am still struggling to take good photos so if you happen to know any tips and where to buy a cheap Tripod let me know!! Hope you all have a great week!


P.S. Happy 21st Birthday to my fabulous brother George!