October 6, 2019

An ode to the H&M Herringbone Jacket

You’ve seen it everywhere, and it’s possible that you’re not a ~real~ blogger if you don’t own it… this is an ode to the almighty H&M herringbone jacket.

If you asked me what the key fashion item was this season, it would be the H&M herringbone jacket hands down. I first saw it in the window of an H&M store in Brighton back in September, went back to my hotel room to find it everywhere on Instagram, and went back out on a hunt for it the following weekend.

So, what makes it so fantastic Lucy? I hear you ask…

The H&M Herringbone Jacket

The ultimate transitional piece

Every gal needs a new jacket as the cooler weather and Autumn roll in, and this is the ultimate transitional piece. Not quite a light jacket, but not a coat either – this is ideal for layering over a jumper on those chilly mornings, and but also just chucking on over a tee when the sun decides to make an appearance and suddenly feels like Summer again.


The biggest issue with having an addiction to jackets? The price! No need to worry with the herringbone though. This costs a measly £29.99 so definitely won’t break the bank. Win!


And finally, the herringbone jacket is a part of H&M’s CONSCIOUS range. The conscious products must contain at least 50% sustainable materials, such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. In this case, the herringbone is made of recycled polyester, so you can certainly feel like you’re doing you’re ‘good bit‘ buying one of these beauties.

Have you got your hands on the jacket of the season yet? It’s sold out online, so you might have to start searching for some dupes…

Lucy x