July 8, 2018

How I’m bettering my mental wellbeing right now

How I'm bettering my mental wellbeing right now // LUCY-COLE
How I'm bettering my mental wellbeing right now // LUCY-COLE

As I grow older I recognise more and more the importance of mental wellbeing. This is both thanks to how much more mental health is spoken about online, and due to my own experiences. I think I’ll always use my online presence to shout about mental health, wellbeing and taking care of yourself, it’s such an important subject and I’m so glad it’s being shed more and more light.

With some big changes in my life recently there’s been some opportunities for my mental wellbeing to take a knock. Knowing I’m one who doesn’t like a lot of change, I’ve been making a few changes and making an effort to look after myself.

One way I’ve been caring for my mental wellbeing is by getting into a routine. I know I function best in strict, organised environments so a routine is always a must for me. This starts at simply waking up at the same time every morning (apart from a Sunday of course!), going through my usual morning routine, and then going to the gym 3 times a week and having similar evening routines too. I’ve been using my weekly planner to visualise this routine too, another way I know works well for me.

I’ve also been focusing on my sleep. I’ve always been quite good when it comes to making sure I’ve got enough rest, but towards the end of my time as a student, I lost this a little bit. Why would you stick to a bedtime if you had nothing to do the next day?! Now though, I’m making sure I’m in bed early enough to chill (usually to catch Love Island), and it’s lights out before 11 pm. I know I simply can’t focus without enough sleep and it can totally ruin my day, so I need to be strict with this one!

  Third, I’ve been getting myself into the gym. Nothing too fancy here – at the moment I’m doing 3 days a week when I can, focusing on weight training. I hate the idea of working and just going home every single day, every single week, without any exercise. I love working towards my strength, creating and reaching new goals.  I know how much a little alone time with just me and my music can do for my headspace too.

As much as alone time is great for mental health, keeping ahold of positive relationships is too. Since finishing university I’ve faced the truth of what friendships I had were positive, and what ones weren’t. I’m making a conscious effort to keep in touch with my close friends and organise catch ups as often as possible. A good old gossip does wonders!

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Finally, I’m learning when to take a break. Working six days a week while trying to make a small income from my blog too can be a bit tiring at times. Some days I’ll come home from work and I’ll be motivated to do some blog bits, and it’ll seem like a hobby – what it is and what it should be! Others, it’ll feel like blogging is a chore, rather than something I want to do, and on these days I learn to accept it and take a break. Sometimes it’s important to have some you-time, even if that’s lazing on the sofa doing absolutely nothing. We’ve got to do nothing sometimes.

Lucy x

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