July 25, 2017

My Bedside Essentials

Over time I’ve found a little selection of products and must-haves accumulate on my bedside table. I love have a routine at night, just like my skincare routine before I shower at night, I like having a little ‘pre-sleep’ routine, anyone else? These are my top 3 products right now..

Lip Butter. Every night my lips need a good moisturise. Vaseline is my go-to for the daytime but at night I’ve been reaching for my The Body Shop Lip Butter. I’m pretty sure I’ve had this for years so perhaps a new one is needed soon.

Hand Cream. Lips are sorted, next are hands. I like to give my hands a little moisturise and although I haven’t tried many hand creams, recently I’ve been using this little Fat Face one that I got in a Christmas stocking. It does a great job and smells divine!

Room Spray. I don’t really struggle with sleeping much, but I do love using a room spray. I got this one by HelpMeOrganics in my UniBox a few months back and spray it every night on my pillow. It has the most calming scent of lavender, ginger and eucalyptus!

What are your bedtime essentials?


Lucy x