June 29, 2018

A guide to your holiday preparation

A guide to your holiday preparation // LUCY-COLE
Holidays are brilliant, but without proper preparation and planning, they can be a total nightmare. Being the total control freak(link) that I am, it’s in my nature to plan and prep every tiny little detail, so I’ve put together the perfect guide to making sure you’re fully prepared for the ultimate summer holiday.


Plan your packing early

I know some people like to pack throughout the week before you travel, while some like it to do the night before. Personally, I’m a bit of both. In the lead up to my holiday I like to get certain clothes and products out I want to take, but I much prefer to fully pack the night before so I remember exactly what I’ve packed. A top tip I have for you here is to write down anything you think of while you’re out and about, you don’t want to forget anything!! If you need some help packing, I have a useful post for you here.


Sort out documents and Insurance

One very important aspect of any holiday is making sure you’ve got the appropriate documents and insurance. If I check in online and I don’t have the boarding pass on my phone, I’ll print out a couple of paper copies. I also always make sure I’ve sorted out insurance, and often add a little extra for my technology cover too. If you’re not insured for your hols this summer, click here.


Plan some visits

A guide to your holiday preparation // LUCY-COLE

As much as I love wandering aimlessly while I’m away (you find the best spots this way!), I do like to do a little research beforehand. I like to have a search online to see if there’s anything I need to do while away, or anywhere I must visit. Pinterest is great for this! It can also be handy for trips you have to pay for by saving money buying online!



What else am I going to buy all my friendship bracelets and holiday magnets with?! Currency is always something I’ll sort a few weeks before, I’ll usually look online and buy the best deal available.


Check the weather forecast

There’s nothing worse than traveling hundreds of miles away expecting sunshine but being greeted by rain… and then realising you’ve only packed sandals and bikinis. Always make sure you check the forecast the week you travel and make sure you have clothes for all weather outcomes!


Buy the essentials

A holiday always vouches for a little trip to town. A new bikini from Primark for every holiday is obviously a must, but it’s important you remember all the toiletries too. I tend to get some mini versions if I’m away a week or less just to save that precious luggage room and weight!


Treat yourself to a little pampering

I always think before a holiday you’ve got to get a little pamper session done. For me that will always include getting my nails done – either gel or acrylics. It’s also the perfect excuse to get those HD brows and lash extensions!


What do you do before a holiday?


Lucy x


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