August 15, 2019

My holiday hand luggage essentials

*This post contains gifted items

At the end of the month, I go on my first holiday of the year – Amsterdam, and then a sunny trip booked to Rhodes in October. When it comes to travelling, I’m always an over-packer. Whether it’s my make-up bag, hand luggage or suitcase, it all takes a lot of planning and prepping.

Hand luggage requires a lot of thinking before travelling. You need the skincare, the bored-waiting-for-your-flight-busters, and the travel documents. My hand luggage backpack this year is the ‘CLÄSSY’ style in black and pink from Gaston Luga. Here’s what I’ve got packed in my hand luggage this year…

My hand luggage essentials

Entertainment is obviously a biggie when you’re travelling. I’ve been caught up in flight delays a couple of times in the past and let me tell you, it isn’t any fun without a mobile phone and headphones. And, if you’re anything like me and get the fear when you see your charge anything below 60%, you’ll probably want to pack a portable charger too.

Other entertainment options include a good old fashioned book (anybody else read all their books of the year on holiday?!), or a packet of playing cards. Jamie and I will always take some standard playing cards, as well as a pack of UNO which is always good fun to play!

I always find myself wanting a little mini pamper on the flight. Flights and holidays in the sun will always dry my skin out, so some face moisturiser and hand cream is always a must to make sure I’m feeling as fresh as possible at the end of travelling.

Following on from feeling fresh, a hairbrush will always come in handy. One 20 minute nap on the plane and you end up waking up like you’ve been dragged through a bush backwards. A tangle teezer will always sort that out.

Other necessities? Sunnies, for that tired-from-waking-up-at-3am cover-up, and obviously your passport! My passport holder this year matches my rucksack from Gaston Luga. They’re currently doing an offer where you’ll get a free passport holder with a backpack. Plus, if you want 15% off your order, use my code LUCYCOLE at checkout!

What are your hand luggage musts?

Lucy x