June 28, 2018

Why you need a pair of Birkenstocks this Summer

Why you need a pair of Birkenstocks this Summer // LUCY-COLE

Birkenstocks. When Jake Shoes offered to send me a pair of sandals recently I knew I needed a pair of Birkenstocks in my wardrobe. I have a knockoff version I got a few years ago from TK Maxx, but I’ve never had the real deal. They’re the superior of all summer sandals, and I believe everyone should have at least one pair roaming in their wardrobe when Summer rolls around. Here’s why:

They’re comfortable

As much as I like to try and be fashionable, comfort will always come first. However much I may love a pair of shoes, I simply won’t be seen wearing them if they’re not comfortable. There’s nothing worse than spending a day feeling uncomfortable and hobbling around thanks to some fresh blisters. Birks provide that perfect comfort and don’t compromise on style.

They’re like sliders but a bit more trendy

Look, I love sliders, I really do, but let’s be honest, there are some outfits that sliders should never be seen with. In fact, for me, sliders are a ‘house shoe’ – one you slip on to wear around the house, or pushing it, a ‘pop to the shop’ shoe. I don’t think I’ll ever wear sliders to be stylish, but if that’s you, you do you girl. Birkenstocks provide all the benefits of sliders – quick to slip on and pop out – but in my opinion, they’re a little bit slicker, smarter and stylish.

They’re easy

Popping to the shop and don’t know what to wear on your feet? Birkenstocks. Going for a coffee and don’t know what to wear on your feet? Birkenstocks. Going clubbing and don’t know what to wear on your feet? Birkenstocks. Ok, maybe not, but I totally would if I could.

They’ll always be in style

I’m pretty sure Birkenstocks have been about forever, and they’re one of those things in your wardrobe you’ll know will never go out of style. You can basically keep them forever!!! Better yet, one pair is most likely to last you most you a pretty long time anyway. A win-win!

Pinafore Dress – Primark // Bag – eBay // Sunglasses – Weekday // Birkenstocks* – Jake Shoes

I found this super cute pinafore dress in Primark last month and planned on wearing it with a classic white tee underneath. The British summer had other ideas and when I went to shoot this look, the sun was scorching so I popped on a little black crop top underneath just to save my modesty. Add my favourite bag of the moment – this literally hasn’t left my shoulder all Summer, and my new Birks, and I’m good to go. There’s something really brilliant about a quick and easy ‘chuck it on and you’re done’ outfit sometimes, and this is what I love about this look. Sometimes you don’t need to worry about accessorising!

Do you own a pair of Birks?

Lucy x

*This post contains gifted items and affiliate links.