April 24, 2018

Tips for packing light this Summer

Tips for packing lightly this Summer // LUCY-COLE

If you follow me on my social media, you’ll know a few weeks ago I headed off to Croatia with my netball team for 5 days. As Summer soon approaches it’s likely more and more trips are going to be planned. Just last week I booked a holiday to Prague for next month!  If you’ve left it late like me, packing can be a bit of a manic-panic.

If you know me, you’ll know I over-pack everything. This is the girl that had to buy a whole new suitcase when she went away for 7 days because her original one wasn’t big enough.

Although I think after this episode over 3 years ago now, I’ve learnt the tricks of the trade and proved this point travelling on just hand luggage last week, (It’s like I’m a whole new person). Here are a few of my top tips for making sure you don’t over pack when travelling…


Plan your outfits

Tips for packing lightly this Summer // LUCY-COLE

This is something I will always try to do before I head off on holiday. A week or so before you go, have a look at the weather you’re expecting and plan your outfits! If you’re on a sunny beach holiday chances are you only need a few different options for daytime – these are the clothes that are most likely to be re-worn a few times, and the most variety of options will be for evenings. Planning outfits beforehand reduces the chance of bringing extra clothes that will never be worn and instead just take up precious luggage room!


Take mini’s and samples

When it comes to make-up and toiletries, minis and samples are the way to go! I will always stock up on my samples throughout the year to take on holiday with me. It’s an obvious choice – they take up far less room in your luggage and are also suitable for flying if you’re limited to hand luggage only! You can also get mini electricals. If where you’re heading lacks a hairdryer, you can get handy travel-size ones or some mini-straighteners can be useful too!


Make a list

Any excuse to make a list hey? As obvious as it sounds, making a list is always the way to go. I always like to make a detailed list – jot down everything you could ever possibly need. I find the easiest way to do this is to go through your typical daily routine in your head and list every item you’ll need, from your morning skincare routine to the electricals you’ll need to charge. Start this list early on because chances are you’ll have forgotten things that’ll come to you out of nowhere!


What are your top tips for keeping packing to a minimum?

Lucy x


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