January 19, 2018

5 Years of Blogging

5 years of blogging // LUCY-COLE I can’t believe that my little space on the internet has been here for 5 whole years. How have I been blogging that long?! I’m not one to stick to things, and although LUCY-COLE has had it’s quieter years, the fact I’ve stuck with this for so long really makes me proud, and shows that this stuff means something to me.

I started LUCY-COLE back in 2012-2013. Back then I’m pretty sure it was called ‘LucyAdoresFashion’. I fumbled around a few times on different platforms before I found myself settled on Blogger, and my first ever post featured my favourite nail varnishes from Barry M, have a look at that here. I clearly had written more before this, but obviously, they weren’t up to scratch to stay on the blog, and silly me must have deleted them years ago. Don’t be afraid though, I do have many, many more old, embarrassing posts to share. So let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

5 years of blogging // LUCY-COLE

5 years of blogging // LUCY-COLE

LucyAdoresFashion obviously loved her clothes, and she still does now. The first ever blog outfit post featured a very bland topshop dress. I still remember to this day taking the photos for this post – posing in the back room with my brother’s camera rested on the bookshelf and the trusty timer helping me out. From there we went to the landing – far better lighting and the windowsill acted as a perfect tripod. Clearly it was time to take blogging seriously, an investment was made for a tripod, and the slightly more aesthetically pleasing white wardrobe background of my brother’s room made an appearance, and then sometimes even venturing into the back garden!

University soon rolled around in 2015 and my focus and attention shifted. My blog, despite still updating it every now and then took a step back up until last year, in 2017 when I decided to really start to take the plunge. I faced my fears, shooting outfits outside (yes, where real people can see me posing in the street), and I even ventured to find the *perfect* bloggers pink wall.



5 years of blogging // LUCY-COLE



I like to think my other photography has improved too. The old flatlays started off as a bunch of random items chucked on the bedsheet, exhibit a. My make-up posts weren’t much better – exhibit b. And again, it wasn’t until 2017 I started to focus on perfecting the flatlay. I invested in my own little ‘flatlay board’, and even got a few flatlay props too like these super romantic red petals.. we’re getting there. I felt like I’d learnt enough to share all the flatlay props you may need, and finally got myself a softbox light so I no longer had to chase down the sun.

This year is where I feel the flatlay game is really going to step up, starting off with last weeks post.



5 years of blogging // LUCY-COLE Jacket – eBay // Jeans – Topshop // Top – Missguided // Belt & Trainers – ASOS

Looking back at all this growth makes me really happy. To know that I started something as a shy 14 year old which I’m still working at today makes me proud. Having a blog has given me so much confidence you wouldn’t believe it, and although I still get nervous walking into a room full of people, and I’m still the worst person at starting and keeping up a conversation, I know that blogging has helped a little bit with that. It’s pushed me out of my comfort zone and given me a world of opportunities.

I don’t really know what I’m trying to say here, other than that I’m really proud of myself. Nobody told me I had to make a blog, it was something I decided to do one day when I was a little bit bored, and somehow I’ve stuck to it all this time.

This year has already started off with so much excitement, improvement and a bunch of opportunities, and I’m so ready to up my game even more and see where another year of blogging can take me.


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Lucy x