July 14, 2017

When Life Gives You Lemons…


 … Make Lemonade. Bloomin’ love this snazzy tee I nabbed in H&M sale in Spain last week. It cost me a mere 7 euros which I think equates to about a fiver in UK pounds – pretty solid bargain right there hey?!

Hope you lovely lot are feeling marvellous on this Friday! I can’t help but tell you guys how positive I am feeling about my blog right now. Hopefully you all saw Tuesdays post on how I’m stepping up my blogging game, and most of all, hopefully you can see the extra bit of work I’m putting in! I’m paying so much attention to the details now, and refuse to post anything I’m not 100% happy with.

It probably helps that my amazing insta boyfriend Jamie is also killing his game right now. He’s totally into his fitness, muscles and getting those gains so if you fancy checking him out his insta is linked here. It’s crazy how much the support of a loved one can do for you – he’s been an absolute diamond with my blogging journey and has always been encouraging of it, even when I wasn’t particularly active at times in 2015/16. Also his eye for photography can’t go unnoticed – and the fact he happily accepts it when I drag him out of bed every single Sunday morning to shoot an outfit for me, and he doesn’t even moan a tiny bit!

Anyhoo, this post wasn’t supposed to turn into a boyf appreciation post but it kind of has, but he deserves it – I have a good egg!!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend my loves,

Lucy x