July 28, 2019

First look: Pixi’s new Vitamin C Skincare collection

*This post contains gifted items and affiliate links.

If you’re any blogger with Instagram, you’ll have probably seen litters of PR parcel openings with Pixi’s latest range: the Vitamin C collection. I was lucky to be included in the list of PR send-outs, so today I’m giving you a rundown on what I was sent from the collection.

What’s in Pixi’s Vitamin C skincare range?

Vitamin C Juice Cleanser

Starting with the cleanser, this is a brightening antioxidant liquid cleanser – easily mistaken for a toner. It has a super handy pump on the top making it easy to pump some product onto a reusable cotton pad and wipe across your face. Made with ferulic acid and probiotics it helps to preserve and protect the skin. I’ve been using this daily as my second cleanse, after a using cream cleanser first.

Vitamin C Tonic

Everybody and their nan is a fan of Pixi’s famous glow tonic toner, so I was excited to try their Vitamin C version. This contains probiotics to help fortify skin’s barrier while willow bark and fruit extract gently exfoliate. The citrus scent of this has definitely been a pleasant welcome in my morning routine!

Vitamin C Lotion

Next is the Vitamin C Lotion, a moisturiser which reminded me a lot of the pHenomenal moisturiser from Pixi’s Glow range. This is a light moisturiser said to have potent antioxidant power, promoting healthy collagen production and boost skin luminosity.

Vitamin C Serum

Just like the Glow collection, the Vitamin C collection also had a serum. Containing vitamin C and ferulic acid which are proven to reduce the effects of sun damage and free radicals, this helps to improve skin tone and create a smoother complexion. I’ve been using these each night after cleansing, allowing it to work it’s magic overnight.

Vitamin C Caviar Balm

Finally, the Vitamin C Caviar Balm is a leave-on moisturising mask. Like the lotion, this promotes collagen production and skin luminosity. I’ve used this once or twice in the last week when my skin has felt particularly dry.

My initial thoughts…

Pixi is yet to bring out a collection I don’t love. The theme, ingredients and scent of this range are spot-on, especially for this time of year. I feel like they cover just about everything – the only product missing for me, is a cream cleanser. I’ve loved using these products over the last week, loved the scent in the morning, and have loved how fresh and bright my complexion has looked.

Have you tried anything from the new Vitamin C collection?

Lucy x