July 19, 2018

The Pixi skincare duo I’ve been using recently

The Pixi skincare duo I've been using recently // LUCY-COLE

I’m always up for a good skincare switch-up once in a while, and one brand I’ve been keen to try more is Pixi. I used Pixi’s Cleansing Balm last year and it was a firm favourite until I tried Cliniques. I’ve had the Pixi Glow Tonic in a few samples before but I’d never used it religiously in a routine for weeks at a time. After seeing Pixi crop up time and time again on my feed, I decided to give their Rose Cream Cleanser and their oh-so-famous Glow Tonic a whirl.

The Rose Cream Cleanser costs £18 and is described as “A wonderfully indulgent yet gentle cleanser, Pixi’s Rose Cream Cleanser gently removes impurities as well as offering a host of nourishing benefits. Mineral-rich mud leads the cleansing, detoxifying action, helping to strengthen skin in the process, while rose and avocado conditions skin to keep it soft and silky-smooth. As well as this, chamomile and aloe vera provide a welcome soothing action, helping to keep all skin types cool, calm and collected – even those complexions that are particularly sensitive. Removed with water or a moist face cloth, this will be an indispensable addition to any skincare ritual.”

This isn’t a make-up removing cleanser, therefore I’ve been using it in my morning skincare routine as my first step, followed by the glow tonic and moisturiser. You use a pea-sized amount on dry skin and massage it in, before rinsing off with warm water.  I feel a bit neutral about this product – I’ve found it really pleasant to use, it feels great on my skin and doesn’t strip my face of it’s moisture. It is the perfect first step of my regime, but I’m not truly convinced how much it has done for my skin. Other than the pesky totm breakout, I haven’t had many spots – but my skin was on the up before using this anyway.

Would I buy it again when I run out? Maybe, but I think I’d be keen to try another cleanser first.

The Pixi skincare duo I've been using recently // LUCY-COLE

The Glow Tonic has had a lot of hype within the blogging community. This is also £18 for 250ml and is described as “Instantly refreshing, Pixi’s gorgeous glow-giver brightens, tones and conditions your skin after cleansing. Enriched with 5% glycolic acid – a natural derivative of sugar cane, and member of the alpha-hydroxy acid family – this gentle, exfoliating formula dissolves the bonds binding dulling dead cells to skin’s surface, to reveal the ‘new’ healthy skin cells underneath. Aloe then soothes and hydrates while oxygenating ginseng promotes cell health and skin vibrancy; witch hazel firms and tones, while horse chestnut boosts blood flow, to grant your complexion a naturally fresh and dewy radiance. Astonishingly affordable, this is mild yet effective, making it suitable for all skin types – just apply a few drops to a cotton wool pad, and sweep all over skin after cleansing (morning and evening) to gradually diminish signs of sun damage, fine lines, scarring and other imperfections.”

As I said before, this has been the second step of my morning skincare routine. I probably could be using it in the evening too, but usually, I don’t. I apply a small amount to a cotton pad and wipe over my face once it’s dry after cleansing. This has definitely had an impact on my skin and pores – exfoliating them well but doing so gently. Although it hasn’t completely solved my problems, my pores are certainly smaller and tighter. Over the last month of using it it’s left my skin brighter than ever!

This is one product from Pixi I’ll continue to purchase – I saw the results and I don’t know of any toners on the market right now that could compete.


What have you tried from Pixi skincare?


Lucy x