April 24, 2019

Why you need to step out of your comfort zone

Once in a while we need to step out of our comfort zone. This dress for example, is totally out of my comfort zone. Snake print, a bit ‘out there’ and definitely a bit different to my usual style, but I felt bloody brilliant in it.

That’s just one small example. Another deeper example is travelling alone – something I recently did. You’ll know all about this if you follow my Instagram, but I recently travelled to Brighton on my own for some training for work, and stayed away from home for 2 nights all on my own.

It was the first time I’ve ever travelled fully alone – no friends, no family and no colleagues to rely on if something goes wrong. The idea of getting my way through London on the tube in rush hour, and find my way in a city I’m not familiar with terrified me.

I know to some this is such a day-to-day thing, and for most, it wouldn’t bother them much. But I’m a control freak – I like to be in control, and if I’m not, I panic a bit.

How did it go? Absolutely swimmingly. I made it to Brighton like I did it on a daily basis, LOVED having some ‘me time’ and got home all in one piece. All the worrying wasn’t worthwhile in the slightest.

The moral of this story? Everybody needs to put themselves out of their comfort zone once in a while. Something somebody told me on Instagram really stuck with me – “Nobody grows staying in their comfort zone”.

And it’s so true, in every example. I felt sassier than ever in my snake print dress, and now I could hop on the train to Brighton on my own like it was nothing.

I’m growing, in so many small and wonderful ways. Next time you’re feeling nervous about something, feel the fear and do it anyway, you got this! And remember the importance of celebrating every single little victory.

Lucy x