February 19, 2019

I posted twice a day on Instagram for a week. Here’s what happened:

The other week I decided to do a little bit of experimentation. I probably post on my Instagram account about 5-7 times a week. I’ve grown over the past year, but like most, I’ve struggled to ‘beat the algorithm’.

I had a bunch of photos sitting in my drafts folder on Instagram, so I thought: why don’t I spend 7 days, posting twice a day? They say consistency is key, so how would this pan out?

I posted every day at around 7:30am in the morning, just before work, and at around 7-8pm every evening when I got home. Here’s what happened.

I posted twice a day on Instagram for a week. Here's what happened: | lucy-cole

The stats don’t lie:

Over the course of the week my followers grew by 144. My impressions increased by 24,000 and my reach by 2500. Compared to the previous week, I also had 176 more profile visits and 13 more clicks through to my blog.

If we consider these stats over the course of a year, I’d have the potential to gain almost 8000 followers over 12 months – not doubt this would hopefully have a snowball effect so this is a minimum figure.

I wasn’t really sure what results to expect, but while these figures aren’t bad in any sense, I’m not sure they’re worth the workload I’d need to put in each week to constantly be uploading to this extent.

One thing I did notice was my desire to be on Instagram more. The more I posted, the more I wanted to be online engaging with other bloggers and influencers. For the more I did that, the better results I’d get on my own photos. Arguably, this probably isn’t the best scenario – in an ideal world I’d want to be on instagram regardless of whether I’d posted, but I did find myself enjoying the app a lot more than I had previously.

Dress – Primark | Boots & Top – New Look | Sunglasses – ASOS

What I learnt:

Initially, I realised how much I loved Instagram. I was spending more time daily on the app, and found I was feeling so much more inspired by seeing such brilliant content every day. I felt so inspired I was determined to get more content shot and lined up to post in the following week.

I saw results, be it, they were relatively small, I didn’t go viral overnight. But, if I was able to see similar results week on week, I think I’d be where I want to be on Instagram. I’m not sure where exactly that is right now – except I’m not there yet.

I feel like I’m finally starting to find my ‘groove’ with Instagram… I’ve found an editing style I like, I’m sharing content I love and I’m proud of, and most importantly – I’m enjoying myself. Isn’t that what it should all be about anyway?

I don’t think you’ll see me committing to 14 posts a week again any time soon, but it was good to see how much consistency really played a part in the whole Instagram game. My answer? Probably not quite as much as you’d think.

Lucy x