November 25, 2018

Can bloggers lead a private life?

Can bloggers lead a private life? | lucy-cole

It’s time for part two baby! Just last week I preached on about privacy and how a private life is a happy life and it got me thinking. I’m a blogger, I Instagram, I tweet, I share on Facebook. I spend a good few hours a day on social media sharing things about my life. So how can I preach about a private life while I’m doing this? Can bloggers lead a private life?

My short answer: yes. Yes, they can. The trouble with blogging is that by its very nature, it’s extremely public. I write to the world, I share pictures to the world, you can search my name and sure enough, my face is probably going to pop up. There’s a lot of stuff which we put out there which is pretty easily found if somebody wants to find it.

But the beauty of blogging is that I can choose what I share. If I wanted to I could even lie. I could tell you I went to London this weekend, had a super amazing time with Starbucks and loads of designer shopping when in reality, I could have been sat under my duvet all weekend. We can create what we want to share.

Now, I’m not saying I go around telling fibs. We all know that’s never going to pan out well, but the point I’m making is we have complete control over what we choose to share, and how we share it. I’m still leading a personal life despite being a blogger.

Dress – Primark | Jacket – NAKD Fashion | Boots – Asos

The things that aren’t quite so private in my life are the clothes I buy and wear, the make-up I like to use and some day-to-day minor happenings like when I humiliate myself – come on, that’s too good not to share, isn’t it? We all need to giggle at ourselves once in a while or life would be very boring,

But there’s so much more I do keep private. Do you know about my family? About my relationship? My friends? You might have seen their faces, and I might have mentioned them a few times, but the fact is that actually, you probably don’t know all that much.

We’re able to separate our online life and our private life. And personally, I think we should. It’s important we, in some ways, lead two different lives. Getting too wrapped up in social media and over-sharing can only lead to negativity. Have a look at my last post to see why I think this is the case.

So, what do you think? Do you agree? Can bloggers still lead a private life?

Lucy x

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