June 14, 2018

The subscription box made for your TOTM

The Subscription box made for your TOTM // LUCY-COLE

There’s nothing worse than that dreaded time of the month, so a monthly subscription box full of the necessities – pads and tampons, but also some goodies to treat yourself is a perfect idea. I’ve been lucky enough to try a Pink Parcel in the past, and when I saw an offer online recently to get one for a £1 I thought why not?!

The box I write about here is the May box, so I’m afraid you’re a bit late if you’re after any of the goodies here, but it gives you a good idea of what’s in each box and what to expect!

Each box costs £12.99 including postage. You’re able to select what femcare products you want in each – whether you want pads or tampons or a mix of both, and the box will supply you with these products ‘for now’ in a handy little bag, and two boxes ‘for later’ and ‘for night’. You can also choose what date each month you’d like the box delivered.


In the ‘for you’ section, there tends to be a mix of skincare, beauty and snacks. May’s box was their ‘Shelfie Heroes’ Parcel, celebrating the hero products that sit on our bathroom shelves. Here’s what was included:
The Subscription box made for your TOTM // LUCY-COLE

NAOBAY Orange Juice Hand Cream – RRP £11.50

This hand cream from NAOBAY is formulated with shea butter and aloe vera to combat dry skin and redness and let me tell you now this orange juice scent is delicious!!! This has already made it’s way to my bedside table and I’ve been using it every night!

Laritzy Pencil – RRP £18.00

Next, I received the Laritzy Lip Pencil in Jewel, a gorgeous deep red shade. Although I doubt this won’t be worn until Autumn now, I’ve popped it into my makeup drawer and can’t wait to get using it when the cooler weather rolls around!

Dr Botanicals Coconut Oil Rejuvenating Exfoliating Bar – RRP £19.90

I still have a Lush exfoliating/moisturising bar in my bathroom but I’m excited to put this bar next in line! Coconut supposedly gently exfoliates the skin while the creamy oil deeply hydrates for locked-in moisture. This is sure to be a gooden this Summer!

Opitat Purifying and Exfoliating Face Mask – RRP £17.99

Sample face masks are always good fun and Opitat is a brand I’d heard of but never given a try. Full of natural ingredients -this should help you deep cleanse your way to a clearer, more radiant complexion.English Hemp Husks gently polish away dead skin cells, while Bentonite Clay and Activated Charcoal draw out toxins. Skin-loving superfoods Chlorella and Kelp brighten your skin, boost cell renewal and fight the signs of ageing. I loved this little sample but I’m still not a fan of the powdered face masks – it’s far too much mess for me!

Anatomicals ‘Sud the lot of you’ Body Cleanser – RRP £3.79

Anatomicals is a brand I’ve always loved the look of with a fun and quirky design. This cleanser is full of scents of papaya and mango. I’ve stored it away in my handy drawer of travel sizes to give a go next time I’m on a night away somewhere!

Drink me Chai Spiced Latte – RRP £2.30

Onto the food and drink, this month has a chai spiced latte teabag in it. This was swiftly stolen off me by my mum who’s a big fan of chai lattes! I love the idea of including hot drinks in the Pink Parcel though, nothing beats a cuppa when it’s your TOTM.

Conscious Chocolate The Dark Side – RRP £0.80

Finally, you’ve got to have a bit of chocolate. Pink Parcel keep it as guilt-free as possible offering lots of raw, healther alternatives and this month is no different. Made with cacao butter, cacao powder and agave nectar, this allows you to enjoy the benefits of organic dark chocolate without the bitter taste. Truthfully, I think I’d prefer a cadbury freddo!!


Have you ever tried Pink Parcel? What do you think of the concept?


Lucy x


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