November 21, 2017

The subscription box for periods: Pink Parcel


Last week I took part in an instagram collaboration with Pink Parcel. Pink Parcel are a subscription box (I know what you’re thinking, not another one) with a bit of a twist. They’re not your typical beauty box, although they can have a few beauty related goodies in, they’re actually a subscription service for when you’re on your period. Absolutely genius.

Although I wasn’t asked to write a blog post on Pink Parcel, I feel inclined too because I genuinely think it’s a fantastic idea. Every month us women are left to deal with the dreaded period. Is there anyone out there that actually enjoys this monthly surprise? I doubt it. Enter Pink Parcel, there to make your totm a little bit more bearable.

For £12.99 each month, they’ll deliver to your door all the period essentials you need. Decide whether you want pads, tampons, or a mix of both, the abosrbancy you need, the brand you’d prefer, and the date you would like them delivered and life is made that little bit easier. No more rushing to the shop when you realise you’d ran out of pads, the box has more than enough, with a pouch full ‘for now’, and boxes ‘for later’ and ‘for night’. Of course, no gal can have a period without feeling a bit sorry for themselves. I mean, it’s the perfect excuse to treat ourselves is it not? Pink Parcel deliver on that front too, with an additional box of little period goodies for you to enjoy.

In Novembers box there was a All in one Strengthening Nail Varnish from Nail HQ, a sheet mask from Beutanique, a lipstick sealer from Lipcote, a highlighting Glamazon Stick from The Beauty Crop, some Cocoba chocolate truffles, a tea bag from Cuppanut and some sanitizing spray from Swiss Clinic. The goodies in just this ‘for you’ box total to over £30 so the value for money in this box is really great.

I really loved this box. I find there are so many subscription services out there nowadays, but this one really hits the nail on the head. It’s unique, it’s good value and it helps make the worst time of the month a little bit better. What do you think of Pink Parcel?

Lucy x

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