February 17, 2018

The Return of the Rainbow Jumper

Henry London Watch // LUCY-COLEOk, not exactly Rainbow, more like Pastel Rainbow. But the Jumper is back. I’ve been living in this since I got it back in October, and thought it was about time I shared my favourite way of styling it right now.

Henry London Watch // LUCY-COLEHenry London Watch // LUCY-COLEHenry London Watch // LUCY-COLEHenry London Watch // LUCY-COLEHenry London Watch // LUCY-COLEHenry London Watch // LUCY-COLE Henry London Watch // LUCY-COLE Henry London Watch // LUCY-COLE Mom jeans are hands down my favourite style of jeans to wear right now, I’ll always opt for the comfier, baggier style over skinnies these days. So much so, I did a naughty little Asos order earlier in the week to invest in some new pairs so you don’t get too tired of seeing these Topshop beauties all the time! I think it’s time to accept I’m more of a trousers girl over skirts. I’ll always have skirts and dresses in my wardrobe but for me, trousers will always be 100 times more comfortable, and I’m slowly realising this is my kind of style. We won’t get too into that though, I think a Figuring out my style post is needed soon.

I love adding some accessories to complete an outfit, like some sassy red earrings to match my red lip, and this Iconic Pink Watch* from Henry London is the perfect fit for this look! I wear a watch almost every day without fail, I feel naked without one on my wrist, and this pink number is a great addition to my watch collection. I always opt for the bigger face watches, and the pink strap on this makes it SO perfect for the hopefully sunnier spring days that are to come.

Of course, I can’t do an outfit post without a little ramble and life update with you guys. As this post goes live I’ll be in Nottingham! I planned a secret getaway for Jamie and I for valentines for a couple of nights (best gf of the year award where u at?!). I love little adventures with Jamie, but with work and uni we don’t manage to do them too often, so it’ll be nice to have some time to ourselves exploring one of my favourite cities together!

Unfortunately this beaut jumper is out of stock now, but you can shop the jeans and some similar jumpers below..

Lucy x