October 13, 2017

The Jumper of Dreams


I’ve found it. I’ve found the one. This is quite possibly the dreamiest jumper of all. Cosy, high neck, cute pastel colours and only £25. This student was very happy to part with that £25 for this beauty. I’ve been raring to get the jumpers out recently but it’s been so mild out I’ve ended up sweating by lunchtime. Luckily we did have a few colder days the other week so this was the first thing I wanted snapped.

Jumper – Missguided via ASOS // Skirt – New Look // Trainers – ASOS

It’s been such a crazy few weeks for me. Uni is finally back in full swing, and while I thought I’d have so much free time due to my contact hours being cut to a quarter of what they were last year, I’ve found myself busier than ever. My dissertation is obviously taking up a lot of my time, even though I’m nowhere further than I was three weeks ago. But the other thing which is practically taking over my life right now is Netball. From my first year at Uni I’ve been heavily involved with the netball team and society, and in my final year I decided to step out of my comfort zone and take on a bit more responsibility than just being a player. I am now the Media Secretary of the club, meaning I run all the social medias alongside a few other bits and bobs which I’m loving so far. Not only that, last week I ran for team captain, and only went and got it! On Wednesday I led the team to our first win of the season and I am SO excited for the rest of the season.

I feel the need to just say how happy I am right now. University hasn’t always been the smoothest of rides, and recently I decided to say yes more, and take more risks. What may seem small to most people, taking on new opportunities like this for me, are massive. Everything in my life seems to be slotting into place, and while I still have no idea what I’ll end up doing after uni, I know that too will slot into place in time. Right now I’m focusing on 1. smashing my dissertation, and 2. taking risks and loving every moment of it.

Got a little bit deep there for a minute – but I love sharing my thoughts and feelings on this little blog of mine. I know one day I’m going to love looking back at everything I had to say..


Lucy x

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