June 23, 2019

The 5 summer trends you need to get on board with

It seems like summer has *finally* arrived, and with that come a whole new load of summer trends I just can’t wait to get my hands on!

Summer is without a doubt my favourite season of the year. Pretty florals, light flowy dresses, and layering to the max with outrageous sunnies and floppy hats. For me, nothing beats it. A lot of my favourite summer trends repeat themselves each year, but here’s 5 of my favourite this year.

Broderie Anglaise

Broderie Anglaise is such a classic, dainty summer look. Although you can get broderie anglaise in all kinds of colours, my favourite is white. Nothing looks better than a summer tan and a white dress, am I right!? There are so many affordable options on the high street this year:


Neon is definitely a controversial one, and a trend I never thought I’d get back on board with after the age of 9, but here I am, 22 and swooning over all the neon. Although it’s not something I’d style day-to-day, it’s definitely something I can get on board with for a night out or a festival. The brighter the better!

The short suit

The short suit is something new to me this year, but I am all over it. Work outfit? Short suit and courts. Shopping outfit? Short suit and trainers. Night out? Short suit and heels. They work for EVERYTHING! Plus, we all know how much of a big fan I am of blazers at the minute


Florals belong in every womans summer wardrobe. Sometimes I feel like wearing denim and rock tees, sometimes I feel like wearing the pinkest, floral-ist, frilly-est outfit there is. We’ve all got those two moods right? And floral is something that will be on trend year in year out – a real classic in my eyes.

My look: Blouse – Primark | Jeans – New Look | Bag – ASOS | Shoes – Topshop

The Neutrals

It’s not just my food I like beige, I like my clothes beige too. Usually I like to go bright with my wardrobe, but I’ve seen so many instagram babes styling the neutral trend this year, it’s made me want to give it a go too. Sometimes it’s nice to forget about bright colours and just go simple.

What are your favourite trends this summer?

Lucy x