February 24, 2019

My top tips for shooting in the elements

Bad weather is the nightmare of all fashion bloggers. Whether it be raining, too windy, or too sunny (yep, even the sun can be a struggle too sometimes), it can be rare that there is ever actually the perfect shooting conditions. What’s a girl to do though? Those Instagram photos aren’t going to take themselves. Here are some of my top tips for shooting in the elements:

My top tips for shooting in the elements | lucy-cole


Probably best to just not even bother tbh… Winter months come with lots of rain which is probably the worst type of weather you can get when it comes to fashion blogging. Do your best to plan ahead and avoid rain showers – look at the forecast a week in advance and see if you can move your shooting day, or get out before the showers start. Failing that, why not get creative? Everyone loves a prop so get out a pretty looking umbrella and strike a pose anyway. (Let’s hope you’re photographer is forgiving though!)

If the rain is really impossible to shoot in, consider shooting some outfits indoors. Get yourself a soft light and find a nice little corner in your home to pose in. Perhaps even give a styling video a go too – it’s a different piece of content and I always find them really fun to film


Sun can be your best or worst enemy. Winter sun, and those golden hour glows in the summer can be some of the best times to shoot, but in the peak of summer sometimes the sun can ruin those shots. My best tip for shooting in the sun would be to experiment – try a bunch of different angles because if you’re lucky, you can probably get a really beautiful lens flare.

You also want to time your shoot well – if you’re in mid summer, and there’s little clouds in the sky, you’ll probably get better results shooting in the morning after sun rise, or just before sunset. Shooting in the middle of the day when the sun is at it’s highest point can sometimes create some nasty shadows.


Wind can be a real pain – the weather can be beautiful and sunny outside, but wind has the potential to ruin a photoshoot. In the past I’ve found myself getting my hair blown into my face and getting so frustrated I’d abandon the shoot. Simple answer to that? Tie your hair up! If you know it’s going to be windy, be prepared. Make sure your outfits aren’t going to lead to any public flashing mistakes, but at the same time, if you’ve got something flowy, like a midi skirt, give it a go. If the wind catches your clothing it can give the image a bit of movement and something extra it wouldn’t have had before.

Location can also be key when the wind is about. Avoid the coast at all costs, and try to find sheltered spots. This way the wind is going to do the least damage to your photos!

As for everything else when it comes to shooting in all weathers, my top tips have to be:

  1. Leggings underneath clothes = lifesaver in cold weather
  2. Sunnies will always make photos look good, even if the sun’s not shining. #fakeittillyoumakeit
  3. Always plan. Whether that be planning when to shoot, where to shoot, or what order to shoot your outfits in. Life is simpler when there’s a plan in place.

Do you have any top tips for shooting in the elements?

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Lucy x