April 15, 2018

Blog photography props that won’t break the bank from eBay

Ebay Flatlay Blogging Props // LUCY-COLE

Copper fairy lights // OOTD fashion flatlay colouring book // trinket dishes // pineapple trinket dish // faux petals // flatlay photo cards // marble chopping board // rose gold confetti

As I develop my blog photography more, particularly my flatlays, I find myself constantly searching for new blogging props. Trying to constantly create new and exciting photography can be difficult, but getting some new products or items to include in my photos can really inspire me when I feel like my photography is lacking. My favourite places to shop for props include places like The Range, Dunelm, and Hobbycraft. But, more often than not, you can find a whole load of goodies on eBay. I’ve put together this little wishlist to share some of the goodies that are hidden on there, which can be perfect for upping your photography game!

My most recent investments for my photos have been this rose gold confetti and faux petals. These are super easy props to use to help ‘fill up’ photos and can be scattered around to add a little bit extra to a shot. Of course, real petals give a much better effect but not everyone has the budget to be buying new flowers every week!

You’ll notice I’m always using trinket dishes in my photos too. They’re great to pop some jewellery on and with these ones starting at just £4.50 each you’re able to buy a few to switch things up.

Every blogger loves a bit of marble, right? I really love this marble slate chopping board, something that is definitely next on my wishlist. It’s always nice to add some different textures to a photo.


What are your favourite flatlay props?


Lucy x


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