November 20, 2018

3 Nude lipsticks from Morphe

3 Nude lipsticks from Morphe | lucy-cole  A few weeks ago, when Cult Beauty dropped into my inbox with a 25% off Morphe code. I’d had a shitty week and a serious treat yo’self attitude, so that’s what I did. I didn’t want to spend too much, but I was in need of some new lippies and morphe is a brand I hadn’t yet tried. Into my basket fell two cream, and one matte lipstick, all 3 costing me a respectable £24.

I picked all 3 nudes pretty much at random. Let’s be honest if they were in front of me I still wouldn’t know which ones to pick. For cream Lipsticks, I picked up Butterflies and Whipped.

3 Nude lipsticks from Morphe | lucy-coleAvailable in 12 shades, the cream lipsticks are supposed to deliver full coverage, strong pigment in one sweep. Butterflies is the lighter nude of the two, more on the peachy side. Meanwhile, Whipped is a darker, mix of pink and brown nude, described on the website as a ‘toasted spice tone’.

I really love both lipsticks. The packaging is sleek and smart, and the shades are perfect for that everyday nude. In terms of formula, they’re smooth and buttery and give a nice subtle shine. For me, their lasting power is their only downfall. Because of the creamy texture the colour just doesn’t seem to stick and as a result needs a few top ups throughout the day.

3 Nude lipsticks from Morphe | lucy-cole

Top to bottom: Whipped, Butterflies, Virgin

The real showstopper of all 3 though is the matte liquid lipstick. I opted for the shade Virgin – a muted nude/mauve shade. Possibly not quite pink enough for me, but a beautiful shade nonetheless. The matte lipsticks are available in 10 shades and have a comfortable mousse-like, non-drying formula that delivers strong, even, non-transferring pigment in one sweep.

Believe me when I say I have fallen in love with this formula. It’s easy to apply, not too sticky or drying and lasts the whole day. I’m talking, eat, drink, go to the gym, this lipsticks STICKS! I’ve been wearing it for work and loving the fact I haven’t needed to top up even once during the day. An absolute winner!

I loved the cream lipsticks but the matte liquid lipstick has really impressed me – I’ll be putting the other 9 shades available on my list for Santa…

What’s your favourite nude lipstick?


Lucy x


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