October 28, 2018

7 Reasons why I’m excited for Autumn

 7 Reasons why I'm excited for Autumn | lucy-cole

The clocks have gone back, and Autumn is officially upon us. I like to think I’m a Summer girl, being a Spring baby I’ve always seemed to prefer hotter weather. But, with that being said I do have a soft spot for Autumn. Here’s why I’m excited for Autumn this year:


I love Summer, but if it’s just down to fashion, Autumn is the season which will win every time. With the colder temperatures, there’s so much more you can do with fashion. Layering is my favourite style I like to play around with at the end of the year and I’ve got well into it since starting my new job. I’ve been playing around with pinafores and roll necks, and I’ve got enough jumpers to last me through to Autumn 2050.


Movie nights in

Last week J and I had our first proper movie night on the year. We moved the duvet downstairs, cuddled up on the sofa and watched The Greatest Showman. When it’s cold out I can’t think of anything better than spending a day under the duvet watching a film.

7 Reasons why I'm excited for Autumn | lucy-cole

Jumper – Primark | Jeans & Belt – ASOS | Boots – River Island

Christmas is coming

Basically, the best thing about this time of year, It’s still a bit early to get excited about it yet, but Christmas is the best. There’s just something about the atmosphere of Christmas time, nothing beats it.


Autumn candles

Autumn and winter season is the season of candles. I’m SO excited to get all the Christmassy, cosy scents back out of the cupboard.

7 Reasons why I'm excited for Autumn | lucy-cole

7 Reasons why I'm excited for Autumn | lucy-cole

Warm cosy foods

Gone are the hot evenings of cold salads and BBQs. Autumn means roast dinners, homemade stew and everything warm and good. I love the feeling of coming in from the cold to a roasting hot homemade meal (especially if it’s made by my mum).


Golden hours

The sun rises later and sets earlier in Autumn, which is ideal if you’re a big sleeper like me. I can’t wait to see what orange-gold shots we can get in some golden hours this year.


Rainy days indoors

There are very few things better than sitting indoors, with no need to venture any further from your house when the rain is pouring down outdoors. Storms are pretty cool when you’re not trapped outside in them right?


What are you excited about this Autumn?


Lucy x