July 1, 2018

A mid year review

A mid year review // LUCY-COLE

A mid year review // LUCY-COLE
Today marks the half-way point of the year. It’s madness how quick 2018 is flying by – the years really do seem to tick over quicker the older you get. And with this occasion, (we all know how much I love a good ramble), I thought a mid-year review on just about everything would be the perfect post.

So where am I? What’s been going on these last 6 months? If you’ve missed my previous rambles or instagrams or anything else I’ve been posting on Social Media. Here it is:


Let’s start at the beginning – this is definitely going to test my brain power! January saw me back at university after a month long christmas break, along with the official hand in of my dissertation. I knew I’d worked hard on my diss, so it was a big relief when I could finally hand it in and be pleased with what I’d done. I made up for hard work the rest of the month with plenty of lie-ins and laziness, living my last few months as a student the way I should.

 A mid year review // LUCY-COLE A mid year review // LUCY-COLEA mid year review // LUCY-COLE


I started off February with a very luxurious spa day with my mum up in Norwich, the perfect treat after my diss hand-in. A proud moment for me this month was winning 1st place for my university’s sports social media awards. For the past year I’ve been working as Netball’s social media secretary and to be recognised for all my hard work was something that’s made me so proud – for the first time in a while. For Valentine’s day I whisked Jamie away to Nottingham – a city very close to my heart, for a little weekend away. I somehow managed to keep the entire thing a secret from him so it was super sweet to surprise him and explore new places together!



I feel like around this time was when I was starting to really get comfortable in front of the camera and my outfit posts started to develop. I remember shooting for How to find your own personal style and just being so in love with the shots Jamie and I got. I definitely think we’ve improved since the beginning of the year – but still a while to go! My netball season, and therefore my role as Captain to my team came to an end in March too – safe to say some tears were shed at our final game!

A mid year review // LUCY-COLE A mid year review // LUCY-COLEA mid year review // LUCY-COLE


I was back at home in Ipswich for the majority of April, but did go on tour to Croatia with my netball team. Despite only making it out 1 out of the 4 nights (3 years of being a student and still haven’t learnt to handle my drink!) it was a new and fun experience for me, and definitely not something I’d have even considered 3 years ago. After returning from tour with quite possibly the worst flu I’ve ever experienced, I had to pull myself together to see the amazing Sam Smith live. Jamie, my mum and I all headed to London to see him at the O2 and had the most amazing night in the second row!!! The rest of the month was full of recovering from the Croatian flu!!



May was undoubtedly the busiest month for me. A couple of balls – including the Sports Awards and my final ever Netball ball (many tears were shed here too), UEA’s annual ‘Pimp My Barrow’ event (google it!) and the end of my degree. Then along came my 21st birthday – the biggun, and a trip to Centre Parcs with all my family to celebrate. Next came along a visit to Prague (I told you it was a busy week) with my friends from uni to celebrate finishing. I absolutely loved the little city break, despite a very long delay flying home, and it’s fueled me to book more in the future! Finally, amongst all this madness I managed to score my first Digital Marketing role. My first ‘real job’ after 3 years of uni is a big achievement, and although it’s not the perfect role, it is the perfect stepping stone for where I want to be. Go me!

A mid year review // LUCY-COLE A mid year review // LUCY-COLE   A mid year review // LUCY-COLE   Dress – New Look // Sandals – ASOS // Bag – eBay // Sunglasses – Weekday


Any finally June. This month I officially moved out of my student house and started my new job. I’ve joined the gym and settled back into routine and feel the happiest I have in a long time! Big things are happening but I feel ready and prepared, and I’m excited to see where I am this time in six months!


It’s been a whirlwind of 6 months, I’ve achieved, done, and seen so much. I’m proud and I’m very happy. How have the last 6 months been for you? I’d love to know what you’ve been up to.


Lucy x