June 24, 2018

How to style yellow this summer

Quite often I get told yellow is my colour. Despite it being a bit of a terrifying colour to wear at first, it’s slowly made its way into my wardrobe. This t-shirt is one of my absolute favourites, and it’s bright yellow! My pals obviously know me very well, because they bought this little mellow yellow number for me for my birthday last month.

For me, yellow connotates all of the happy things. It’s the colour of sunshine, warmth and happiness, which is why I think it’s one of my favourite colours. There’s a small town nearby to where I live and on the route in, there was a yellow-painted house. Whenever my mum and I drove past it she’d mention how it always made her smile, and that’s something that’s stayed with me forever. Yellow is the happy colour. Who knows, maybe I’ll live in my own yellow house one day!

How to style yellow

If you’re a bit nervous to wear a colour as bright and bold as yellow, easing yourself in with a pastel version such as this can be the perfect option. Or even if that’s still a bit too much for you, why not give a yellow accessory a try? Add a pop of colour with a bag, shoes or even a little piece of jewellery.

Jacket – Topshop // T-shirt – Emma Warren Design // Skirt – New Look // Shoes – ASOS // Bag – eBay

Whatever way you wear your yellow, I’ve put together a little wishlist of all my favourite pieces on the high street right now:

Lucy x

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