April 13, 2018

You are my sunshine

You are my sunshine // LUCY-COLE

It feels funny to be typing away with no purpose again. I’ve been holding back these photos for a week or so now, waiting until I got that spark of inspiration to do a real meaningful or thought-provoking post, but it just hasn’t come. Since flying back from Croatia on Saturday I’ve been pretty much house-ridden with some horrific flu and the motivation to get behind my blog again hasn’t been what it usually is.

Fast-forward to today, I knew I wanted to get a post up seeing as I have one planned for near enough every other day this month. Although the complete mojo isn’t there yet, I am enjoying planning and getting back on the blogging bandwagon. I’ve gone back to basics and decided some outfit photos with some random ramblings, with no meaning whatsoever, will do this time around. Everyone used to say they loved my random, catch-up style posts anyway!

You are my sunshine // LUCY-COLE You are my sunshine // LUCY-COLE You are my sunshine // LUCY-COLE

So what’s been happening recently? As I said, on Saturday I got back from one of the most exhausting weeks of my life in Croatia. I went ‘on tour’ with my uni’s netball team, and it’s basically four days and nights of drinking. Unsurprisingly I was left with a rotten cold, and spent Sunday bed-bound.

On Monday my mum, Jamie and I headed to London to see the amazing Sam Smith in concert. Despite feeling super ill and drugged up on cough syrup for the night, it was one of the most wonderful concerts I’ve been to. We somehow bagged second-row tickets, which I still don’t understand how, and had a ball of a night.

You are my sunshine // LUCY-COLE You are my sunshine // LUCY-COLE You are my sunshine // LUCY-COLE You are my sunshine // LUCY-COLE You are my sunshine // LUCY-COLE You are my sunshine // LUCY-COLEJacket – Primark // Top, Jeans, Belt & Sunglasses – ASOS

And that leads us to here. Since Monday I’ve been recovering, spending my days in a routine of napping and watching the commonwealth games on TV. This weekend I head back to Norwich for what is my last ever term at uni. I can’t believe it’s come around already. I’ve got a few more weeks to devote to the library writing two more essays before my birthday month of May starts, which I think could be the busiest month I’ve ever had and then hopefully by then I’ll be a bit closer to some sort of job. I’ve been searching frantically for something in Digital Marketing but it seems everyone needs some sort of experience that I just don’t have. I’m doing my best not to get myself too worked up over it right now – I know things will work out in the end.

This t-shirt is now sold out on ASOS but I’ve picked out another v. pretty yellow one by Adolescent instead. Shop the rest of my outfit below!

Lucy x