May 1, 2018

Bare Minerals BarePRO Liquid Foundation and Concealer Review

Bare Minerals BarePRO Liquid Foundation // LUCY-COLE

Back in March, I was gifted the new Bare Minerals BarePRO liquid foundation and concealer. I received the foundation in shade Champagne and the concealer in shade Fair/Cool I was so excited to be using a high-end foundation. I’m a girl that would much rather spend her money on clothes than make-up, so I often stick to my drugstore favourites, only branching out to high-end for skincare or the occasional eyeshadow palette. After around a month of testing out both products, I thought it’s time I bought you a good old fashion review!

Bare Minerals BarePRO Liquid Foundation // LUCY-COLE

Starting with the foundation, I’ve found this actually quite difficult to get used to. The consistency itself is thin and quite runny – something I was looking forward as I’m on the hunt for a lighter coverage foundation now my skin seems to be behaving itself. I’ve used both my beauty blender and my brush to apply this product, both work but I find the beauty blender a bit easier to manage. On application, it was difficult to get a nice, smooth finish. I moisturised and used my The Ordinary Serum Primer prior, and found it simply didn’t blend as easy as you’d expect. It’s definitely a product that needs a lot of wor

Every time I applied this I wore it for a full day, probably verging on 8 hours. Each time I found it just didn’t last well at all. Like on the application, on close-up inspection in the mirror I never had a smooth or flawless finish. It seemed to cling to dry patches, despite having more oily skin.

For me, the foundation, despite being the ideal consistency for me, it just didn’t seem to get along with my skin!


Luckily, the concealer definitely worked better for me. The consistency of the concealer is more on the waxy side, and for this reason, I like to use in just on my under eyes and not on any blemishes. Despite only using it for this, it does a brilliant job! It blends well and hides any pesky dark circles brilliantly. The stick design makes it really easy to apply too. Not only all of that, but it’s long-lasting as well.


Despite being from the same range, I was really surprised to have such differing views on the two products, and I was disappointed that my first foundation from Bare Minerals – a brand I was really excited to try – didn’t work for me. Nonetheless, this hasn’t put me off the brand and I’d love to try some of their other foundations to see if something else suited better.


Have you tried Bare Minerals before? What’s your favourite foundation by them?


Lucy x


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