April 5, 2018

5 things to write on your CV as a blogger

5 things to put on your CV as a blogger // LUCY-COLE

With graduation around the corner, and with jobs to apply to, a few months ago I finally updated my year’s old CV. In the past, I’ve mentioned my blog, but never really capitalized on it when it came to job applications. It’s only now when I’m 100% happy letting everyone know about my blog that I realise how bloody great it is, and actually how many advantages it can give me when applying to jobs.

Despite (soon) being a Geography graduate, I’ve finally decided Digital Marketing/PR/all that jazz is the avenue I want to go down (for now). It seems silly to ignore this big old blog thing, so I’m eager to use my skills and give this road a try. While writing my CV for these jobs, I realized just how many skills running a blog has given me, so I thought why not share some of these with you. You never know, they might come in handy for a future job application, or they might just remind you how bloody great you are for being a blogger.


Computer Skills

This is an easy one to start with. What employer in this day and age doesn’t want someone with computer skills? Luckily as a blogger, we have a lot. From the basic understanding of Microsoft to more complex software’s like Photoshop and Lightroom, there’s a lot you can list here. I even go as far to say I have some basic understanding of coding, now doesn’t that make me sound fancy?

Good Communication and Networking Skills

Communication. Every single job requires you to have good communication. As a blogger, I’m communicating with people all the time! I’m emailing brands, negotiating on sponsored posts, sometimes you even have to pick up the phone and call someone. Not only can you display brilliant oral and written communication, you’re able to show off your networking skills too. This is done online pretty much daily – connecting with others in Twitter chats, for example. And offline we get invited to blogger events where you’re often thrown in a room with lots of people you wouldn’t usually know. Not everyone is likely to have this experience. 

Social Media and Marketing

Helloo?! We are basically Social Media kings and queens and are already doing an ace job at marketing. As a blogger, you’re also probably going to have a Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter. And you’re probably going to be pretty good at sharing your content around on these platforms. Brands need to use these platforms to their advantage, and you’re the one that can do this for them.


I’m almost moaning about how uncreative I am, but actually, I need to cut myself some slack. Each blog post created has SO many creative vibes flowing through it. From picking the idea out of nowhere, to begin with, to getting that perfect photo, to writing the post. Who can manage that if they’re not creative?!

Organisation and Planning

Every employer wants somebody who’s organized and can get things done. I’ve been blogging for 5 years, and throughout that time blogging has never been my one and only priority. I’ve had school, jobs and university all alongside blogging, yet I’ve managed to keep producing great content. Especially in the last 2 years, I’ve managed to consistently post twice a week on my blog, while working and studying and not letting any aspect of my blog or work drop in quality. This presents my ability to manage my time well and keep organized with multiple tasks!

There are so many more things you can write on your CV as a blogger, these are just a few that came to my head. My blog is definitely something I’ll be screaming and shouting about in all my future applications. Did your blog help you with any of your jobs?


Lucy x