March 8, 2018

5 Ways I’m ‘Switching Off’ from Social Media

5 Ways I'm Switching off from Social MediaSocial media is a lot. As a blogger, I’m on it pretty much most waking hours of the day. I wake up, I spend 10 minutes scrawling through twitter, facebook and instagram. I promote my latest blog post. I comment on other blogs. I write more blog posts. I interact on twitter and instagram. I post an instagram. And then I go to bed, but not before a solid 30 minute spree on my social medias again *just incase* I missed something. This isn’t ok. Time away from social media is so important, and I don’t think I’m getting enough of it. That’s why I’ve made the decision to take some little baby steps to switching off every now and then.

Read before bed

This is an obvious one. I’m making a conscious effort to read before my bedtime. I know this isn’t going to happen every night – sometimes there’s nothing more than I want to sit and just watch a bit of netflix while I let my mind rest, but I’m going to try to stay away from my late night social media boozes.

Put my phone away when I have company

I feel so guilty admitting this, and it’s sad to think about it. More often than not, when I’m with my friends or family I’ll have my phone sat on the table in front of me. And the tendency to pick it up, have a quick scroll through instagram is too much. Whatever’s happening online can wait – from now on the phone will remain out of sight while I’m being sociable.

Days off of social media

This is going to be a tough one – I’m not denying it! But I’ve decided every now and then I’m going to have a complete social detox – days where I don’t touch Instagram, Twitter, or my blog. Realistically, this can’t happen too often, but I’d like to have days planned, like a day out with Jamie or my mum, where I feel so pre-occupied that touching my social media’s doesn’t even become a thought.

Getting up in the morning

Like I said, I spend a good 10 minutes in bed every morning scrolling through apps, checking up on what I’ve missed overnight. Instead of this, I’m going to be waking up as soon as my alarm (or second or third) goes off. I’m going to get my breakfast, enjoy my cup of tea, and only then catch up.

Keep my phone away while working

Like many students, social media is the ultimate distraction for me while I’m working. It’s about time I started putting my phone away while studying. I’m going to keep my phone out of sight, and only go on it when I have allocated breaks after an hour or so of work. That way, hopefully, my work will be a lot more productive and I’ll probably get everything done in much better time too!


How do you switch off from social media?


Lucy x