February reflections and looking forward to March

February reflections and looking forward to March // LUCY-COLE

I’ve been so excited to get down and write this blog post. I don’t know what it is, but I just love sharing my life on my blog, going beyond the fashion and beauty posts and writing down my thoughts, using it as my own personal diary. I really love the idea of doing weekly diary type posts, but right now my weeks just don’t vary enough to make them exciting or worthwhile. My life is literally netball, uni, blog, on repeat, not that I’m complaining at all! Perhaps after I graduate I might have a few weeks or so of exciting things that are worth doing weekly diary posts, but for now, I think getting into the habit of doing a monthly round-up/reflection will do.

Reflecting on February

February reflections and looking forward to March // LUCY-COLE

February was a strange month. It seemed like January lasted 3 months, and February barely lasted a week. I started the month off with a spa day with mum up in Norwich. She had a voucher which would soon expire so we enjoyed a lovely back massage each, and I enjoyed a very nice meal out (you’ll know if you’re a student that these should be cherished!). The day after that I found myself dressed up in a homemade fancy dress of Lady Gaga, singing along at a Netball X Factor-themed social. I really hope that footage is never seen again.

In terms of my blog, it was a bit of a quiet one. I feel like I had so much happened in January and so many exciting emails that I’ve been left feeling a bit in a huff with February. Of course, I did get a few exciting collaborations, with some amazing brands like Pretty Little Thing and Boohoo, but nothing super exciting dropped into my inbox. I could put this partly down to being back at University properly – I was still on holiday at the beginning of January which left me with a lot of free time to focus on blogging stuff.

In February I also felt like I’ve started to enjoy Instagram a bit more. I’ve stopped worrying about my feed looking perfect, and instead just enjoyed posting photos. It seems to be paying off with my followers actually growing (I know, shock!!!).

February reflections and looking forward to March // LUCY-COLE

I almost forgot about one main exciting thing that happened in February – I whisked Jamie away on a little weekend trip to Nottingham – and managed to keep it a complete secret so I could surprise him the night before! I absolutely love surprises and this is the first time I’ve managed to pull something like that off, so it was super lovely to see his face when I told him. We had the best weekend away and it was great to share a city so close to my heart with Jamie!

But the biggest thing of all this month was that I finally got my dreaded dissertation grade back. After weeks of waiting I found out I’d only gone and got a bloomin’ first on it. Throughout uni, I’ve been an average student, and I’ve settled on the idea of graduating with a 2:1, which is brilliant, but to be able to say I got a first on my very own dissertation just feels fantastic. I worked my absolute socks off for months, so it’s brilliant to know it all paid off in the end. Quick plug – if you want some tips on writing and surviving your dissertation, I wrote a post here!

Looking forward to March

There is so much to look forward to in March and Spring in general. I’ve been loving seeing the days draw out a little longer, and I can’t wait for Spring to be upon us. It is by far my favourite season of all. I’ve been eyeing up aaaaallll of the spring style and some purchases will definitely be made this month!

The snow we got last week was a bit of a pain – it resulted in 3 days of very little fresh air and I started to really feel the cabin fever. On Wednesday though, before the majority of snow came down, I headed out onto campus with my camera to take a few photos.  I really loved heading out on my own and playing around with my camera. Now I have my own cam, and one that’s lightweight enough to carry around with me, I really want to get into taking a lot more of my own photos, playing around, experimenting and learning. There’s something really peaceful about it all!

February reflections and looking forward to March // LUCY-COLE

March will see the end of my second semester of third year (still so scary), and I’ll head home for a few weeks. I’m looking forward to being back at home, earning a bit of money, having delicious meals cooked for me each night (thanks, mum!) and generally being around all of my favourite people.

There are a few things I want to get done in this month, so I thought I’d put together a final little to-do/goals list for you guys, because who doesn’t love a list?!

  • Prep a load more blog posts – back in January I brainstormed a load of blog posts and took a bunch of photos that have lasted me through to this far, so I’m hoping a trip back home will inspire me to do the same again, and hopefully I can get my content roughly planned through to May!
  • Take more care of my skin – I feel like I’ve massively slacked with my skin this month, and it’s shown! In January I was barely getting any blemishes at all, but this month I’ve found myself with quite a few, so I’m eager to settle into my own skincare routine again and get it back to how it was!
  • Treat myself with a high-end foundation – this must sound so funny, but I hate spending money on high-end makeup. I’ll always go for drugstore and would rather buy premium skincare brands instead. I’ve decided once I get my skincare back on track, I’ll finally take the plunge and buy a decent foundation! I had a sample from Clinique a few months back which I loved, but I’d also like to try Double Wear and Nars Sheer Glow. What foundations would you recommend?
  • Get ready for Tour with Netball – at the beginning of April I’m heading off to Croatia for 7 days of partying and playing Netball with the uni club. I’m not quite sure what I’ve let myself in for but I need to get hold of a lot of different fancy dress options, along with some Croatian Kuna!
  • Resist getting into bed –  this is a totally random one to end on, but this past month I’ve found myself getting into bed far too early just beacuse it’s cosier. Everytime without fail this has destroyed my productivity! I’ll end up either sleeping, or hopping over to Netflix and it needs to stop!


That was definitely longer than I imagined, but it just goes to show how much I love this style of posts!! Hopefully I didn’t ramble on too much. Do you enjoy these kind of posts? What are you up to in March?


Lucy x


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