February 5, 2018

5 Places on my American Travels Bucketlist

5 Places on my American Travels Bucketlist

Just a few weeks ago I shared with you my 2018 Travel Bucketlist, well today I want to share an American themed one! Jamie and I have so many dreams of visiting America together one day. Jamie has been lucky enough to visit Florida when he was younger, and I travelled to New York just a few years ago, but there are so many places and states all over the country we would just love to visit.


I know this is a bit of a crazy one to start with, but when I was researching places to include for this post, I found so many amazing Utah vacations. As a geography geek, this seems like the perfect place for me. Utah has 5 different national landscapes and each of them look absolutely stunning. I think it’s easy to think of the hustle and bustle of big American cities, but Utah offers something a little bit different to that. The state is literally full of mountains and scenic locations – the perfect place to take us back to basics and be at one with nature for a little while! I can imagine having the most amazing treks here, and getting some of the most amazing scenic photos!



I couldn’t miss Florida out. Of course Florida is home to Orlando, and alllll of the theme parks. I feel like visiting Florida would let me live out my big kid dreams, from Universal Studios to Seaworld Orlando, it literally has it all. I feel like this is one place you’d need to stay for a long time, 2 weeks minimum, but however long, it still wouldn’t be enough! Florida is also known for it’s amazing beaches, with the majority of the state being beach-lined. I’ve heard the Gulf Coast to the west is one of the best – lined with white sandy beaches it sounds an absolute dream! I think Florida is near the top of the list of places I’d like to go to soon.


New York.

I know I already mentioned I’d visited New York, but I would say yes in a heartbeat to visiting again. When I went in September, it was a quick 4 night stay where we surprisingly managed to squeeze a lot in, but I was left with so much more I wanted to do and explore. Of course, a trip up the Empire State building is a must, along with a walk in Central Park. NYC is of course home to Broadway. I bloody love a good theatre show. When we visited we saw Finding Neverland, which is still yet to premier in the UK. Although it’s not much different to London’s West End, it’s always great to be able to get a sneak preview of what’s to come over to our side of the pond! Two things I really didn’t appreciate enough while in NYC was the food and the shopping. I’d love to have just a few more days to properly explore what the shops have to offer, and wish I’d done a bit more research into the food of the city too. We had some delicious meals, don’t get me wrong, but I’d have loved to have found some hidden gems! New York is such a magical city, and I’m sure I could visit the place time and time again and never get tired of it.



California sounds like another really exciting place to visit. Home to Santa Monica Beach, Alcatraz Prison and the Golden Gate bridge, there would just be SO much to see. And like Florida, it has a whole range of exciting theme parks, another place for Jamie and I to be the big kids we totally are. One thing which would be a total must do if I ever visited California, would be to hike up to the Hollywood sign, and maybe even do a little bit of celebrity spotting! It would be nice to spend some time out there and act like a Hollywood star for a day or two..



I don’t think this needs much explanation, but I will do it anyway. Hawaii has the best weather anywhere in the world. Despite rain in the winter, the temperature remains relatively stable (and hot!) all year round. The island looks like an actual dream. There are over 400 beaches, all of which public, lined with white sand and clear blue water. Could you imagine the Instagram opportunities?! Hawaii particularly appeals to me and my geography flare, being an island with volcanoes. I’ve visited Lanzarote before where we had a guided tour around the volcanoes – most or even all of which are dormant, but it was a really interesting tour. They do helicopter tours into the crater of Hawaii’s Mt. Waialeale – I’d be like a kid at Christmas. Not just full of volcanoes, it’s full of waterfalls too – even more Instagram opportunities! Hawaii is also known for its watersport scene, supposedly hosting the best surfing and boogie-boarding waves across the globe. As well as this, it’s got a load of great scuba spots so you can spot the beautiful reef fish and turtles. Of all the places I’ve listed, I really think Hawaii has it all, and definitely sits at the top spot of my American Travels wishlist.


And there we have it – an amazing mix of places which one day, hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to visit. Have you been lucky enough to experience anywhere across the pond? Where would you most like to visit in America, and why?


Lucy x