January 22, 2018

My 2018 Travel Bucketlist

My 2018 Travel Bucketlist I really want to travel the world one day. As a Geography student, I feel like it’s practically my duty to see the world. With the new year, I thought I’d create my very own Travel Bucketlist. I’d love to visit all these places this year, but I feel like there might be a few obstacles in the way, such as graduating from my degree, getting a job, and the slight issue of affording these trips, but a girl can dream right?! Destination 2 have a bunch of long-haul travel locations which I’ve definitely got my eye on.

My 2018 Travel Bucketlist

The totally do-able:

Amsterdam. I would love to do some city breaks this year. As much as I love the sun, and a relaxing beach holiday, I have such a desire to explore this year. There’s so much out there to see, especially while I’m young – the quieter holidays can come when I’m old! I know Amsterdam is known for being slightly pricer for a city break but it’s on the list nonetheless.

Barcelona. I’ve been lucky enough to visit Barcelona before when Jamie and I went to Spain in 2016, but we were only there for a day so I feel like we missed out on so much. This would be the perfect girls’ city break for me!

Krakow. My parents and brother went here last year. Although Poland doesn’t jump to mind when you think of the typical City breaks, I know Krakow would be great. My family gave it some great reviews and it’s also apparently super cheap – a win-win!

Paris. The ultimate blogger location. I’ve seen so many of my favourite bloggers jet off to Paris recently which makes me very jealous. Just imagine the photos!! A trip to Disneyland too wouldn’t go amiss.


The possibles:

Italy. I’m surprised I still haven’t visited Italy. It looks like such a beautiful country with so much character. Also, just imagine the food possibilities!!!

Iceland. Iceland is another that’s been on my wishlist for a while now – despite being cold it’s such a beautiful country and visiting the Blue Lagoon would just be magical. If not this year, Iceland will definitely be somewhere I’ll be visiting before long.

Corfu. The last few sunny holidays I’ve been on have been in either Spain or the Canary Islands, it’s been a long time since I’ve visited one of the Greek islands. I visited Corfu when I was super young but remember absolutely loving the holiday and it’s certainly a stunning Island!


The lottery winners:

Thailand. Oh lordy. Thailand has been on my wishlist for years now. My brother went travelling after he graduated and came back with the most amazing stories and photographs from all over including Thailand.

New Zealand. Another typical backpacking location, I’d love to head down under and visit both Australia and New Zealand. It’s such a photogenic country!


What’s on your travel bucket list this year?

Lucy x