January 28, 2018

Clear Skin with T-Zone Skincare

Clear skin with T-Zone Skincare

I’m always on the hunt for new skincare, especially affordable skincare. As a student, I don’t like to have to make the choice between meals for a week, or saving my skin from horrendous breakouts. Luckily, with T-Zone Skincare I don’t have to! They recently were really lovely and sent out all 8 products from their new Charcoal and Bamboo range. T-Zone has a long standing history for providing a natural alternative to chemical ingredients for a spot-free complexion. Today I thought I’d give a little run down of each of the products in this range, and my initial impressions of each after using them for the last few weeks…

Clear skin with T-Zone Skincare


Black Peel off Mask

This was the product I was most excited to use and chucked it on almost immediately. The fact this mask is in a tube already makes life a lot easier – it’s easy to apply and I don’t feel like I’ll waste as much as I would if it were in a sachet. I was worried this mask was going to be like those really thick, horribly painful masks that went around on social media last year, but this wasn’t the case at all. The consistency is quite gooey, as you’d expect and it dries within 15-20 minutes. I much prefer peel-off masks and this one came off pretty easily – only a tiny bit sore when it got caught in the hairs on my face! It left my face feeling super smooth and clean, and it’s definitely a mask I’ll use again.

Black Cleansing Wipes 

I haven’t been a cleansing wipe girl for a number of years now, so this was always the one product from the range I wasn’t particularly excited about. I’ve only used these once, and probably won’t be reaching for them very often, simply because I prefer other methods for removing my make-up. Nonetheless, they will be useful to have by my sink for when I’m a little bit too lazy (or intoxicated) to do my full skincare regime!

Nose Pore Strips 

The nose strips were something else I was excited to give a try. I struggle with blackheads on my nose which never seem to budge! The strips are easy enough to use – wet your nose and pat a strip down on it. After 10 minutes the strip will have stiffened and will be ready to peel off. The strip does a good job, and you can actually see the grime it pulls out of your pores. It leaves a bit of residue on your nose but this can soon be washed off. It doesn’t solve my issue of blackheads, but I’m sure it definitely helps, and with the work of some extra products I could be saying goodbye to them for good!

Deep Cleansing Face Scrub 

Of the two cleansers, this is definitely my prefered one. A little bit tougher than the face wash, this is perfect for exfoliating. I find myself reaching for this in the evenings while in the shower to give my face that extra cleanse after wearing make-up for the day. It definitely leaves my skin feeling cleaner!

Ultra Purifying Face Wash 

The face wash is a lot gentler for a cleanser. It’s more of a watery/gel consistency, foaming as you rub it in. I’m not so sure on this wash and would recommend it more as a morning cleanser due to its lighter nature. I’m not sure if it’s heavy duty enough for my evening skincare routine, but I am going to keep using it to see if my opinion changes!

Self-Heating Mask 

I was so surprised at how amazing this mask felt. These masks aren’t your typical peel off or clay mask, but instead, are meant to be applied to a wet face and massaged in. The first time I used it I couldn’t believe how warm the mask actually got. The combination of water and motion gently heats up the product which let me tell you, feels glooorious! It should only be left on a few minutes after massaging it in which surprised me, I assumed it would be a leave on job like every other mask. I really loved using it, but the removal was a bit of a mess, and I felt like I wasted a bit of the product as this comes in separate sachets, as opposed to a tube which I would certainly prefer.

No-Shine Papers 

I’ve never really used no-shine papers, always opting to carry around some powder in my bag instead. After giving these a go though, I may well be converted. Long days at uni followed by netball training most days means I can end up a little shiny. I took these in my bag and dabbed my face and they sucked up all the excess oil while not ruining my make-up one bit. There are so many pieces of paper in one pack, and I’m really impressed with them so they’ll be staying in my bag from now on!<


Overall, I really enjoyed trialling these products, and there are some which will firmly stay in my skincare routine – with my favourite products being the masks and the no-shine papers. Have you ever tried T-Zone? What did you think?


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Lucy x