December 15, 2017


Another day another outfit. Jamie and I found this super cute road when shooting a few weeks ago – pastel house dreaaams! A nice location really can make or break a shoot sometimes. Shoutout to my hometown Suffolk for having some of the cutest places eva. I don’t have a lot to say in this post but I’m sure as I continue to type I’ll find more to ramble on about…



Skirt, Jumper & Coat – Primark // Boots – New Look

I love sharing on my blog everything that’s going on in my life in outfit posts. I don’t have the mind, or the words to write fancy, inspirational posts like a lot of bloggers out there, but I love using my blog as a little diary. I know in the years to come I’ll be grateful for it and be able to reminisce about silly little things.

So what’s happened to me recently? I moved back home for Christmas this week. It’s so scary knowing I’m almost halfway through my final year of uni. Time really has flown by! I’m a little bit lost with nothing to do – I was always so busy at uni, and now I’ve realised I like to be kept that way. I’ll be going back to work this weekend, and despite it being in retail I’m looking forward to getting myself a bit of money. I’ve just about sorted my Christmas shopping for this year which feels great – I can’t wait to have a cosy evening wrapping everything up soon!

I’m so excited for a month back at home full of festivities, eating everything in sight and spending time with my bezzies, my boyfriend and my family! 

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Lucy x

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