August 4, 2017

Blue Gingham


These snaps are from J and I’s trip to London last week – I may or may not have bought this new dress especially for the trip (I did). Don’t let these photo’s fool you by the way – the sun made very few appearances over the weekend and it was a bit wet, but nothing was stopping me from wearing this little beauty.

We had such a fun weekend being really touristy, having no plans meant it was nice to just wander around. We visited the science museum which I would definitely recommend – you could easily spend all day there! Unfortunately the Natural History Museum looked a bit too busy for a visit but it’s definitely on our list for next time. I’m also pretty proud of the fact I didn’t visit a single Primark all weekend, which if you know me, this is a very big deal. You can see my review of our hotel, Citizen M, here.

Lucy x