July 23, 2017

Pink Hair Don’t Care


I finally got my pink hair! I’ve been after pink in my locks for a long time now, but due to it being a difficult colour to achieve and keep up I’d never properly taken the leap. Last Monday I popped in to get my hair trimmed and coloured and wanted something different. I went for an icy blonde and a semi-permanent pink dye put throughout.



As a natural mousey blonde, my hair does not take well to colour and it’s often a whole morning sat in the hairdressers waiting for it to develop. We also know how damaging colour can be, so to prevent that Cailey and Lucy used Redken’s PH Bonder for extra added protection – it works by maintaining the hairs PH balance and protects bonds and reduce breakages.

After the blonde was added and rinsed off, on went the pink! For this, Cailey used Redken City Beats and selected a few random strands. This is only semi-permanent so will wash off within 3 or so washes. Another 10 minutes wait and the final PH Bonder treatment went on along with a shampoo and condition.

Lucy then went on to chop my locks into my trusty short bob. I’ve been going back to short again and again after taking the plunge a few years ago, it’s so easy to manage and seems to suit me miles better, what do you think?

I absolutely loved the end result, having going in with not much idea of what I was going to end up with, I think it turned out amazing! The pink will only last a week or two but I’m glad I finally took the plunge, I’ll definitely be doing it again! If you want a new do and are local to the Ipswich area, make sure you pop into see Lucy and team at Joshua C on Silent Street!

Lucy x