June 2, 2017

The best Dainty Jewellery for Summer

When summer time comes around, I’m reaching for my dainty jewellery way more. Gone are the days of jazzing up an outfit with a big ol’ chunky necklace, and in are the simple, sophisticated pieces. Today I’m sharing some of my favourites!

Starry & Wishbone earrings – Happiness Boutique* // Ring & Necklace – Pandora

My favourite dainty pieces

Since Jamie bought me a ring last year, I now wear it constantly. My fingers feel naked without it! Jewelled rings can be a bit difficult to buy without them looking too engagement-y, but Pandora does so many cute ones. I love the love heart design. The necklace is also from Pandora – J picked it perfectly as it matches the ring and adds a little something to a bare chest without being overpowering which a lot of necklaces can be!

The earrings were kindly gifted by Happiness Boutique. They have such a fab range of earrings – both glam and more subtle like these ones. The wishbone ones were mega cute and I loved that they were in rose gold, while the silver stars were a bit different for me and so fun. Happiness Boutique offers free shipping as well as a customer reward program, and they’ve given all my lovely readers a 10% off discount code, just type in lucy-cole on any orders over 19 euros between June and July!

Have a peek inside my current jewellery collection here.

Lucy x

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