February 28, 2017

Monthly roundup: February

Another month over..¬†February has been a great one for me, despite not a lot happening! A few weekends ago Jamie and I celebrated Valentines where he treated me with my first ever Spa day, which was ah-maz-ing. Another massage is needed pronto. We ended the day my favourite way – in bed with Dominos pizza. Talking of pizza, I have definitely consumed way too much of it this month. I’ve had a few get-togethers with groups at uni which inevitably end in pizza nights. I think a detox in March may be needed.

I also attended two netball socials in February, the first being ‘Anything but clothes’ themed where I wore a whole lotta ‘caution tape’, which was ridiculously restricting but a lot of fun nonetheless! Then just a few weeks ago was the ever famous ‘Foxes and Hounds’ Bar Crawl. This is where first-year dress up as foxes, second as hounds and third year as hunters and we all chase one another along the bar crawl route! It was such a fun night, despite what my bank balance may say!

Another little but kind of exciting thing to happen is that I’ve decided on my dissertation (I think!). If you don’t already know, I’m studying a BSc in Geography, which being a pretty broad subject meant I had a lot of options to choose from. After my summer internship in a waste management team, I’ve chosen to focus on food waste for my research – so much is wasted every day in the UK, I’m eager to find out why!

Finally, I’ve been able to spend the end of February at home, which I am so happy about. This week we have a reading week at uni and I am so happy to be able to spend some time with my family and catching up with friends.

Not a lot is planned in March, apart from a few Uni deadlines which I am absolutely dreading, but we also have 4 weeks off for Easter, where although I’ll be earning money alongside writing my final essays of second year, it will be much nicer to do so back at home – I’ll always be a home girl at heart!

Lucy x

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