February 14, 2019

This one is for you

This one is for you. The one I met 4 and a half years ago, and the one that’s changed me for the better ever since.

This one is for you, who supports me with everything I decide to do. Who accepts if it’s something a bit out of the blue and stands by my side regardless. Who encourages me every single day, even with the tiniest of life’s challenges.

This one is for you, who makes me believe that I truly am capable of anything, should I just put my mind to it and work hard.

This one is for you, for giving up your weekends for 3 years while I was at university just so you could spend them with me. For giving me the strength to keep pushing through when I thought I couldn’t hack it any longer.

This one is for you, for all the amazing adventures we’ve been on, whether it be roadtripping in a car to Nottingham, getting the train down to London, or flying thousands of miles across the pond to New York. Each and every single moment exploring somewhere new is just as magical as the last.

This one is for you, for slotting into my crazy family like you’re one of us. For dishing out the banter as good as you get, and treating my parents and brothers like your own.

This one is for you, for being my very own personal photographer and ultimate instagram husband. For letting me drag you around every weekend, rain or shine, and for not moaning a peep.

This one is for you, for putting up with my mood swings, and turning them around when you can. For when you can’t – this one is for when you’re my number one cuddle in silence buddy.

This one is for you. For you know I love you, but I don’t think you’ll ever realise just how much.

Thanks to Little Winter for the inspiration for this post. Non-soppy, fashion, beauty and lifestyle will resume shortly… Lucy x