June 8, 2018

The Organic Lifestyle Lipstick from Green People

The Organic Lifestyle Lipstick from Green People // LUCY-COLE

Next month marks National Lipstick Day, and the lovely people at Green People recently popped into my emails offering to send me over their new lipstick celebrating Green People’s 20th Anniversary and to take part in their National Lipstick challenge. The lipstick they sent me was in the shade Velvet Matte Damask Rose.

The Organic Lifestyle Lipstick from Green People // LUCY-COLE

“A universally flattering nude-rose lipstick with a non-drying matte finish, our cruelty-free lipstick is made from natural earth minerals that produce a highly pigmented colour.”

I’m always partial to a good nude lip and this one is no different. I’ll be straight from the onset – this isn’t my favourite nude lipstick I’ve tried. It’s very much a ‘your lips but better’ shade, and I prefer it to be a bit more obvious when I’m wearing a nude lipstick. I’ve found you definitely need to have moisturised lips before application or it can cling to dry patches quite easily. Despite that, it is a fab every-day nude lip that I’ll be sure to keep in my handbag.

As well as the Velvet Matte Lipstick, Green People also sent over their Natural Lip Primer – an idea I hadn’t come across before. The idea behind the primer is that, through the Carnuaba and Beeswax in it’s ingredients, it helps to anchor colour to prevent fading or bleeding, and enhances the natural hues of your lips.

I was so keen to give this a go to see if it actually made a difference or whether it was simply a gimmick. On application, this feels a bit like a lip balm, locking in some moisture for your lips. I found it to work well under the matte lipstick, especially as that seemed to be on the drier end of the spectrum. I haven’t worn a darker lipstick to test the fading or bleeding claims just yet, I’m all about the nudes in the summer but I’m keen to try it with a red lip soon – keep an eye out on my Instagram stories to see if I give it a go!


I’ve loved being introduced to a new cruelty-free brand and their lipsticks and can’t wait to try more from Green People. Have you ever heard of this brand?

Lucy x


*This post contains gifted items.