February 20, 2018

My Blogging Routine

My Blogging Routine

I’m a bit of a nosey gal. I love the idea of everyone having their own blog, and their own ways of posting, writing and working towards it. I’m hoping my readers are a bit nosey too, so thought today I’d share what goes into every post I have on my blog and what my blogging routine consists of…


Step 1: Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm

Before a blog post is even made, the idea needs to be plucked out of somewhere. Every now and then I have a little brainstorm for future blog ideas. I sit down and see what new clothes I have for outfit posts, what new makeup or skincare items I’ve got, or anything else. I like to write down all my ideas in my notebook so I don’t forget about them and then follow on by highlighting what ones I’ve written, photographed and published. I love to plan ahead when it comes to blogging, so if there’s any big events or days coming up such as Valentines, Christmas or Easter, I’ll see if there are any ideas I can think of beforehand to fit in with what the time of year is.


Step 2: Write!

This isn’t always step 2, sometimes I’ll choose to photograph the posts first, but generally, I prefer to write. Writing up the post helps me with knowing what I want to photograph so naturally usually comes next. Recently I’ve been writing up my posts on a word document first, before transferring it to WordPress.


Step 3: Photograph

Next, come the visuals. Usually, I’ll try and save my photography all for one day and do it in bulk. Flatlays especially cause my room to become a complete tip so I like to get it all done at once! I’ll try to use natural lighting as much as possible but I do have a softbox so I’ll use that when the sun’s decided to hide from me!


Step 4: Edit

I then go on to clean up and edit my photos. I use Photoshop and generally, it’s just a case of cropping, resizing and playing with the brightness. I like to be a bit more creative and play around with my wishlist posts though!


Step 5: Post and promote!

The final step is to post and promote. I’ll put together my photos and my text, and schedule my post to go live sometime in the morning. Once the post is live I like to promote it using scheduled tweets on Buffer, and sharing on my Facebook and Instagram pages!


Does my routine sound similar to yours? What’s your blogging routine?


Lucy x