December 8, 2017

*That* Scarf and Coat Combo

Outfit Scarf and Coat Primark New Look Topshop

 Big apologies for wearing the same scarf and coat as last week’s outfit, but ya gal has gotta keep warm and this is all I brought home with me for the weekend! My struggles will be no more VERY soon because I’m heading home for Christmas on Monday!!! I’m very excited for 5 weeks at home, earning a bit of money, relaxing and eating allll of the Christmas food.









Coat & Bag – Primark // Blouse – H&M // Skirt – New Look // Scarf – Topshop // Boots – Clarks


I don’t feel like I have a lot to say in this post. Normally I sit down and I’m ready to write an essay telling you all about whats going on in my head and what I’ve been up to. Maybe all this dissertation writing has worn me out of words to say.


Speaking out my dissertation, I think I may have written my first draft now. I’ve just got to bung it all together and hand it over to the big bro to rip it to shreds for me. He’s written a few dissertations in his time so he knows what he’s talking about! It feels crazy to say this time in 5-6 weeks it’ll all be over and handed in. Perhaps once it’s done I could do a post about it all – I’m sure it could be useful to somebody!


In terms of plans this week – Jamie’s up in Norwich with me this weekend, we don’t have much planned apart from taking some photos in the super cool Norwich Tunnel of Light! It’ll be nice just to chill without any major plans for once. What are you guys all up to in the coming week?

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