December 31, 2017

2018 Resolutions

I know, I know, another 2018 goals post. I know they’re everywhere right now but these are my favourite types of post to both read and write this time of year. I love the feeling of a brand new year for a fresh start, to make brand new goals. I love writing my goals down so in a years time I can check back and see the progress I made. Back in summer, I made some goals, which I’ve done a pretty good job at so 2018 calls for bigger and better resolutions!

Step up my blogging game even more

Back in July, I did a post on How I’m Stepping Up My Blogging Game. I’m so proud of how far I and my little blog have come in the last here – I’ve really pushed my content a lot more and I think hopefully that’s visible! For Christmas, I finally got the camera of my dreams – the Olympus PEN E-PL8 so I’m looking forward to learning how to use this camera and get some better shots!


Just thinking about this is crazy. In July I’ll be graduating with my BSc Geography degree. I’m not sure what I’ll be graduating with yet but I’m eager to do the best I can for the rest of my coursework to come and make myself and my family proud!

Don’t let the real world scare me too much

I know this one sounds a bit silly. With graduating comes finally entering the big wide world and finding my place in it somewhere. I have no idea what direction I’m taking my degree in, and what I’ll end up doing and this prospect terrifies me on a daily basis. One thing I really want to make sure of this year is to not let his get to me or stress me out too much. I know things will work out on their own.

Get a job

Another scary one – I’ve got to get a job. In the next few years I know I’m going to want to find not just a job, but a career – and I want it to be something I love. Despite taking a degree in Geography, I’m not sure this is the path I’ll take after graduating. I want to take a few years trying out a few things I have an interest in and finding what I want to do.

2018 without a doubt is going to be a massive year for me, but I’m excited to see what it brings. What are your new year resolutions?


Lucy x

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