July 18, 2017

Summer Goals

Boy do I love setting myself some goals. I know we’re already partly through summer already, but I wanted to share with you some things I want to kick ass with in the next couple of months.

Fall in love with the gym again.

Last summer I was in the ideal situation. My internship was in the building next to a gym, and also the gym my boyfriend went to too. This made it super easy to pop in straight after work and having Jamie there to help me with what I was doing and motivate me got me into a real routine and I ended up really enjoying training. This year I’m working elsewhere and in a completely different situation. Although I’ve signed up to a gym I’m not quite in a routine or feeling like I ‘want’ to go. This month I will plan some workouts and make sure at the beginning of each week I know what I’m doing.

Start my dissertation research.

This is so scary. My dissertation is due in in January, and my research needs to be sorted by the time I go back in September, so this summer holiday isn’t going to be entirely work-free. I need to write up my questionnaires, post them, collect them and then transfer all the data into a spreadsheet. Big stuff!

Be sensible with my money.

Over summer I’m working full time which is going to give me a bit of dollar for when I head back to Uni. Although I have lots planned, I want to try and be sensible with my money.

Focus on growing my blog.

By growing, I mean both in following but also in general. I want to really up my blogging game, get my photography where I want it to be, and start being a bit more ‘out there’ and unique with my blog. I’m not massively creative but I’d like to do a few different styled posts if I can.

Get out there!

I want to get out this summer. Explore and do new things. The more memories the better!!

What are your Summer goals?

Lucy x