November 7, 2017

5 ways to get into a better headspace

Some days I wake up, and I feel a little bit shitty. No particular reason for it, other than hormones maybe! My headspace isn’t great and I don’t feel up to talking to people or getting anything done. Having a horrible headspace is something I’ve accepted now – it happens from time to time and I’ve come up with a few little rituals or jobs I can do to help get myself out of that zone.

Tidy up. I don’t know what it is about having a tidy up but it makes me feel so much better – I like to clear up my room, sort through a few drawers, refold all my clothes. Anything that involves cleaning or sorting helps clear my head too.

Plan your week. Being organised and knowing what I’m doing and when is a massive help. I like to have everything written down so I can see it in front of me. It helps me feel prepared for what’s to come in the week.

Exercise. I love to head to the gym or play a bit of Netball too – everyone knows the wonders of exercise and although it sounds like a horrible idea at first, I feel so much better afterwards.

Relax. Sometimes I like to get out and do stuff, other times I simply need a bit of a chill and self-care. Read a book, run a bath, watch some netflix, anything that’s going to calm and relax you.

Speak to someone. I know I said I don’t feel like speaking to anyone, but a lot of the time telling people this is how I’m feeling today does help. I’ll drop my mum a message just to let her know I’m having one of those days, and it helps lift off that tiny bit of weight on my shoulders. Often speaking to someone doesn’t mean meeting up in person with them, just sending them a quick message, and it does the world of good.

Most importantly when you’re having one of these days, I think it’s about accepting it and embracing it. We can’t feel 100% ourselves all the time and that’s completely and utterly ok. It’s good to ‘waste’ one day to get back on your feet and back on track for the next one, right?


Lucy x

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