October 31, 2017

An Autumnal lipstick I wont be using


Every now and again I come across a product I’m not too fond of. Unfortunately, the Loreal Matte Lip Paint is one of them. Autumn has rolled around and out has come the dark reds and berrys in my make-up collection. I’m not big with bold lips, but a dark red tone is surprisingly something I’m relatively happy to wear. I have two in my lippy collection already – a lovely matte one from NYX, and another from Rimmel which has a little more sheen. When I travelled back to Ipswich the other week to visit a local pumpkin patch with Jamie for the perfect Halloweeny blog photoshoot, you can imagine my despair when I realised I’d not bought either of my darker lipsticks home with me. Of course, my blog and my instagram could not possibly have all these pumpkin patch photos without a dark lip, so off I popped to Tesco for a last minute hunt for one. The Matte Lip Paint is what I picked up.

The colour of the lip paint – Apocalypse Red,  is gorgeous, you can see it on in my post here. But that’s about as far as the positive words go I’m afraid. I may have been a bit of a fool to buy it, but I blame the last minute panic.


Straight away I could tell the consistency may not be great, but I thought I’d give it a try and it would be fine on the lips. It’s quite a thin consistency, with a lot of bloggers describing it as oily, which I definitely agree with. This makes it really hard to apply. Of course, I didn’t have any lip liner which I think would be necessary for this, so I struggled for a while using just the doe foot applicator, trying to get a nice line of my lips and correcting with concealer at the end.


The finish is matte, and I did like it – I didn’t find it too drying or uncomfortable on the lips, and it did seem to last for a while – I reckon I had it on for a good 4-5 hours and it didn’t budge.


For me, I just can’t seem to love this lip paint because of the formula and what a challenge it was to apply. I would consider trying it out with a liner in the future, and not sat in the front of my boyfriend’s car using just the sun visor mirror!! I would be interested to give some of the slightly easier to wear nude shades from the collection though. Have you tried any of these lip paints? How did you find them?


Lucy x

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