September 8, 2017

Palm print

Palm print has to be one of my favourite trends of this summer. I’m all for gingham, and frills and a bit of embroidery but there’s something about banana leaves (I think that’s what they are?!) that I love just a little bit more. Maybe it’s because I’m a geographer and I’m supposed to love green leaves and earth ‘n’ shit.


Top – Topshop // Skirt & Trainers – New Look


I actually got this top last year but it’s taken until now to get it on my blog. It’s very rare that I buy clothing from Topshop because it’s so bloody expensive, so I have to really like it, and it’s only ever bought as a treat. Does anyone else ever do that? I have to really think about any kind of top that costs over £15 unless it’s a jumper, because you know, being a student and all that.

As this post goes live I’ll be soaking up some rays in sunny Gran Canaria, not to make you jel at all. Keep up with what I’m doing on my Instagram and look forward to lots of sunny content when I’m back! See you soon!!!


Lucy x

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